How To Make A Leather Wallet

How to Make a Leather Wallet [Expert’s Tips and Guide]

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Wallets have been an essential part of our life these days, and people often ask how to make a leather wallet. Since people use to keep their money, credit cards, debit cards, identity cards, and many other daily need portable kinds of stuff. But, wallets are not having the proper construction and durable quality, even with the sturdiest material assembly.

On the other hand, few would love to have handmade leather wallets. These leathers undergo a process where the Leather Wallet Making Kit plays a crucial role. Further, sew Leather By Hand requires extensive experience that brings the perfect handmade leather wallets for the customers.

Many fashion stores are just giving an eye-catching finishing to their wallets and Leather Bags so that customers can persuade their quality. But these wallets aren’t even worth the price with their performance. So here we are, bringing some steps and information on how to make a leather wallet that can last a long time.

How To Sew A Leather Wallet

Basic Needs Tools and materials

Making your own wallet is pretty straightforward. In this method, first, you have to learn the structure’s design, known as the ambrosian manifold. Read its classifications, dimensions, and structural information so that you can build it significantly. Further on, get your material from the trusted seller or guarantee shop so that they can work durably.

Leather wallet making tools should be high-quality if you want a professional-style wallet. These accessories and tools are as follow:


Leather is the necessary material because you are making a leather wallet. So you need two square feet of that material, where the professionals suggest vegetable-tanned leather material with 2oz thickness. You can even use 1oz leather if you want a little thin wallet.

While you can even use different thicknesses in leather, the leather should be rigid and firm.


You need a reliable and rugged thread that can last a long time on the wallet for stitching. You can consult the market for buying a line. Getting a darker thread color is suggested because it can complement your wallet way better than a light color.

Leather Wallet Making Tools

In the tool section, all you need is a scissor, a straight rule, two push pins, two ballpoint stitching needles, and an awl. All things should be durable, classy, and sharp with performance.

Methods of Making a leather wallet

This method is straightforward, while there is nothing to hassle. Be calm, cool, and catchy with your eyes to get better sews for your wallets. The results will be perfect, sleek, and trendy. So let’s move to the construction and making part.

Step 1

First of all, you have to choose the pattern for making the leather wallet. You can choose your pattern by creating it on paper or a sheet. And as well you can also choose from the patterns that many websites have offered for free. These patterns are pretty classy, but customization is better to go with your design.

After choosing the pattern, you have to print it on paper to trace this design paper on the leather sheet.

Step 2

Now you have to cut the traced leather sheet by putting a straight line rule. Also, take a rotary blade to cut it smoothly so that your sheet won’t leave a flaw for cutting. After this, you have to punch stitching holes in the leather. You have to use a push pin to tack the pattern and get your awl.

This awl will help you to punch holes in an even space. Bigger holes are recommended so that you can insert the needles easily for the threading process.

Step 3

It is better if you mention every piece with a name. So we consider the smaller pieces as M and N, where the larger piece will be T. And the fourth piece of this leather material will be D so that you can assemble them easily. After giving the names, assemble all pieces according to your chosen pattern.

Next, see if any piece of leather is out of line because it can cause a stitching problem. Further on, it is recommended to do hand saddle stitching for the best performance of your leather wallet. In this stitching, you have to use one thread and two needles simultaneously since these are the needs of this stitching method.

Step 4

Starting the needle threading process, choose the blue needle path because it is extra firm. It needs two feet of thread for the whole process. So start and pass the needle from the piece’s starting point (N). Pull it through until both sides have an equal amount of thread.

Take one of your needles and start it through the next hole from the same side. Then take the second needle and start this one through the opposite side of the piece. Then grasp both needles and pull them until they have become tight.

Next, start your binding for pieces D and N from the fourth hole. Once you reach the last hole, pass both needles to the backside and weave the threads. Then come up to the N and T piece with taking the needles from the backside.

Step 5

In how to make a leather wallet, this step is significant, and you have to do it perfectly. Weave the threads from N and T pieces in this step after using the same strategy you chose in the fourth step. At this step, if all the stitching is perfect, tight, and firm.

If everything is fine, you can tie off both threads by making three simultaneous knots. Following the same routine of the blue path, stitch M to D, and T. Doing this accordingly, tie off the red path and leave a quarter-inch of remaining thread.

Once you get every end path of the stitching, you can bring the threads to the middle by tying them off. Then cut the remaining thread and tuck the knot in the fold. Doing this all will give you a classy and stylish brand-new leather wallet.


How to make a long leather wallet?

A long leather wallet is not tough, and it is relatively the same that we have discussed. But, you have to choose a longer pattern, where you have to cut the piece in a longer shape.

How to make a leather card holder?

The cardholder is not a challenging task since you have learned the above method. It is because everything is probably the same; it just relates to the pattern of the cardholder.

How to make a homemade wallet?

We have elaborated everything that is required for a home-making process. It is easy, cozy, and less time is taking. Follow the upper discussed steps to sew a leather wallet in your home.

What do you need to make a leather wallet?

First of all, you need leather and thread with needles. More on, get a scissor, a straight rule, two push pins, two ballpoint stitching needles, and an awl.

Bottom Line!

In how to make a leather wallet, we have discussed each step that you have to follow. Work on these steps carefully to get a smooth and fashionable leather wallet. All in all, you can get a top-notch wallet easily to keep your money, cards, and other daily portable essentials securely.

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