Mechanical vs. Computerized Sewing Machines

Mechanical vs. Computerized Sewing Machines

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Buying a sewing machine can be frustrating, especially if it’s your first experience. Because of technological advancement, you’ll find an absolute minefield as you look around. The most confusing comparison you’ll get into is Mechanical vs. Computerized sewing machines.

Let me make it simpler for you. You have to be really careful while comparing these two and deciding the best one. Since most likely you wish to use it for a longer period of time. This article will take the confusion out of your search box. To do so, it will:

  • Give you a proper insight into both the machines.
  • In addition, it will elaborate on the strengths and weaknesses of mechanical and computerized machines.
  • Moving ahead, we’ll talk about the things that should be considered before investing in any of these machines
  •  Finally, we’ll see which one is best for you, a mechanical or electronic sewing machine.

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What is a Mechanical Sewing Machine?

In a mechanical sewing machine, everything is done manually. The stitch styles and lengths are changed by twisting and moving the dial or knob present on the machine; there are no buttons present on it. It offers less variety of styles of stitches as compared to the electronic machine. Moreover, it is cheaper as compared to the computerized machine.

What is a Computerized Sewing Machine?

It’s right to say that computerized machines are advanced versions of mechanical machines. These machines tend to be more expensive as they are more comprehensive.

Computerized machines have automated features. They have buttons to alter settings, such as to change the stitch length. Furthermore, computerized sewing machines do not have pedals. The speed is controlled through a button.  These machines can be complex to operate if you don’t know much about technology.  

Before getting to know the advantages and disadvantages of mechanical and computerized machines there are some other factors to consider that are really important to discuss.

How to Choose a Good Sewing Machine

Your Budget

On comparing a mechanical and a computerized machine of the same brand you’ll notice that there’s a clear difference in the price of both. The mechanical machine can be cheaper by a hundred dollars. The mechanical machine is a good choice for those who are really concerned about the price tag.

Type Of Stitching

See what type of projects you’ll be doing. Don’t pay for a computerized machine if you want to do straightforward stitching. As mentioned earlier, computerized machines are expensive as they offer many automatic features. It is a reasonable option for those who are into deluxe and extraordinary stitching. Mechanical machines are perfect for repairs, alterations, plain home projects, etc.

Technical Know-How

Technology is a blessing and valuable only for those who know how to use it. Else it is just a pile of complications. Spend money on a computerized machine only if you are into technology and learn how to use it. The buttons, LCD, and automatic features can be a headache for those who have little to no knowledge of technology.  

Now proceeding towards the core of our topic- the benefits and drawbacks of mechanical and computerized machines.

Comparison Table


Characteristics Mechanical Machine Computerized Machine
Type Manual Automatic
Number of stitches Limited Multiple
Suitability For simple, everyday projects For simple to extravagant projects
Ease-to-use Simple Complex
Change of stitches and settings Through knob Through buttons
Pricing Cheaper Expensive
Ese to adaption Yes No

Advantages of Mechanical Sewing Machine

Usually, those who are already using mechanical machines don’t wish to switch to an electronic one. The major reasons behind this are mentioned below:

Easy-To-Use And Maintain/ User Friendly

Mechanical machines are very easy to operate and maintain. Even if you haven’t used it already you can understand its use by reading the manual. Unlike electronic machines, mechanical machines don’t have complex and sensitive electronic parts. This makes them easier to use and maintain, and ultimately, causes fewer problems, according to many users.

Habituated To Mechanical Machine

A person who learned to sew using a mechanical machine is very likely to be comfortable using this machine. 

It means that they can alter the settings and stitching styles conveniently to achieve the desired results. Therefore, no time will be wasted in pre-stitching settings before starting the actual work. 

Budget Friendly

One of the most significant differences you’ll notice in the Mechanical vs. Computerized sewing machines debate is “price”.  Mechanical machines start at a much lower price. Computerized machines do not offer such a price range. They usually start at a higher price.

Good For Beginners

Mechanical machines are the most reasonable option for beginners. Computerized machines have plenty of stitching options. A beginner will rarely need to use any of those options, rather it might confuse a new user. If you don’t have to sew anything extraordinary in terms of style, then you should buy a mechanical machine.

Disadvantages of Mechanical Sewing Machine

Limited Number Of Stitches

It is suitable only for ordinary, straightforward stitching since it offers a few styles of stitching. If you want to stitch something extravagant then it’s not suitable for you.

Limited Buttonhole Options

When it comes to buttonhole options, it doesn’t have much variety to offer.


Using a mechanical sewing machine can be much more time-consuming than compared to a computerized machine. This is because everything has to be done manually. For instance, the needle is controlled through the turning wheel, which is pretty time taking. 

Advantages of Computerized Sewing Machine

Automatic Features

Computerized machines offer many automatic options including automatic thread cutter, automatic needle threader, auto tension, automatic needle up and down, and so on. Automatic features are handy to use and above all, they are time savers!

Neat And Precise Stitching

The automatic lock stitching option makes the finish of the stitching appear neater.  The ultra-modern models have something exciting to offer! According to the type of the project, they tell which type of stitch and what stitch speed is most suitable for you. Not only this, these machines keep checking on the stitching to get precise results.

Many Stitching Options

They offer hundreds of stitching styles from heavy embroidery and quilting to letters and symbols. It means you can play around with these options and create unique projects. Contrary to mechanical sewing machines, they can stitch multi-layered, thick fabrics very easily.

Scores Of Automatic Buttonholes

Computerized sewing machines have made the creation of a buttonhole easier than ever before. That too, with precision and a lot of variety.

More Control

It offers more control over the speed. If it’s your first time using a computerized machine it might be a little challenging.  But once you have learned how to use it, you’ll be able to control the machine easily and can save time.

Computerized Sewing Machine Disadvantages


It is more expensive than the mechanical machine as it has many more features to offer. They are extremely suitable for industrial use or if you are a big fan of wearing trendy embroidered dresses. Investing money in this type of machine is not suitable for beginners.

Not Long Lasting

The maximum lasting time for a typical computerized machine is 15 to 20 years. Whereas, a mechanical machine can even last for a lifetime.

What is Meant by a Computerized Sewing Machine?

When we say a sewing machine is computerized it means it has automatic features. A computer is used to control various motors such as the feed dog, and the tensioning disc. Computerized machines have small displays which make them easier to use. It enables the user to move the needle bar precisely. Therefore, its stitching is neater.

Do Computerized Sewing Machines Last?

Computerized sewing machines are generally considered to be durable and long-lasting, as long as they are properly maintained and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. However, the lifespan of a computerized sewing machine can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the machine, how often it is used, and how well it is taken care of.

Some computerized sewing machines can last for decades with proper maintenance, while others may have a shorter lifespan.

Is a Computerized Sewing Machine Good For Beginners?

It depends on the specific machine and the individual’s learning preferences. Some computerized sewing machines have user-friendly interfaces and offer a variety of features that can make them easier for beginners to use.

However, it’s also important to consider the cost, as computerized machines can be more expensive than traditional mechanical machines. It may be helpful for beginners to do some research and read reviews before making a purchase.

Are Computerized Sewing Machines Easy to Use?

Computerized sewing machines can be easy to use, but it depends on the specific model and its features. Many computerized sewing machines come with user-friendly interfaces and have a variety of built-in stitches and patterns to choose from, making them a great option for beginners and experienced sewers alike.

However, some models can be more complicated and require a bit more time to learn how to use them. It’s best to research different models and read reviews to find one that is easy to use and meets your specific needs.

Are Foot Pedals Present in Computerized Machines?

No, computerized sewing machines do not have any foot pedals. To control the speed of these machines,  you can use automatic speed control systems. The stop/start button can be used to alter the speed of the machine. Moreover, the computerized machines are designed in such a way that they cannot accommodate foot pedals.

Final Verdict!

Which One Is The Best?

Mechanical vs. computerized sewing machine, which one is best for you? From the above discussion, we can conclude that there is no hard and fast answer to this. It differs from person to person. One has to consider things like budget, type of sewing, etc. before deciding between any of these two machines.

If you are a beginner and have a very limited budget, then a mechanical sewing machine is suitable for you. But remember, it can be only used for simple stitching.

Computerized sewing machines are way more advanced, hence they can be used for many years. They offer versatility in stitching styles so it is suitable for those who want to do projects other than straight stitching. But before getting it to assure that you are comfortable adopting the latest technology. Lastly, you have to have a handsome budget to buy a computerized sewing machine.

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