How Much Do Sewing Machines Cost

How Much Do Sewing Machines Cost? | Sewing Machine Prices

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Surfing the internet, finding the best leather sewing machine for the price and deciding which one to buy can be difficult. Getting your hands on a sewing machine that works like a Swiss clock and fulfils your needs is not a piece of cake.

For this reason, you need to know which type is meant for you and your budget. There are many sewing machines brands mechanical and computerized. Further they are sub-categorized on the basis of their functionality like, Handheld sewing machine, manual and cheap leather machine, or Child sewing machines, that may confuse an inexperienced sewist. Mostly, people contemplate which one to choose instead of knowing what each type does.

In that case, I have put together this guide to help you find what each type is meant for and how much it costs.

Average Price of a Sewing Machines

1. Price of Sewing Machines for Beginners

Although many beginners consider mastering an industrial sewing machine a tremendous achievement, it is much better to start out with the right choice. A wide range of features and fancy embellishments can overwhelm instead of helping a newbie. The best beginner sewing machines are user-friendly and long-lasting providing smooth stitches.

The beginner level sewing machines cost from $150 to hundreds of dollars, but the typical cost should be less than $500.00. Some of them even let you do some elementary embroidery work. Some brands which offer beginner sewing machines are Singer, Juki and Haitral. You should definitely not miss sewing machine under $300 to worth your selection.

2. Price of Sewing Machines for Advanced Sewers

Sewing Machines for Advanced Sewers

Advanced sewing may necessitate the use of additional materials. In this category, the price range might be large. There will be more computerized functioning as well as additional features.

These machines aren’t for inexperienced sewists, and they could be a waste of time and money. Unless you’re completely committed to sewing and take it as a passion and a source of income.

Their prices range from 300 to 600 dollars with supreme features making it a long-term investment. Some of the well-known brands are Brother and Singer Stylist, providing the best quality in this price range.

3. Price of Domestic Sewing Machines

When it comes to DIY clothing, the majority of people prefer to start with a design concept and then enhance it with minor changes. There are numerous techniques that can assist you in designing the perfect dress, which is why having a sewing machine at home is essential.

These machines assist in a variety of ways in saving money on the stitching process. A handful of sewing machine manufacturer offer products packed with a slew of options making domestic sewing easier even if you’re sewing leather.

You’ll get a popular brand along with a few extras and a variety of stitch styles. If you take good care of your machine, it will be substantial and sturdy, and it will last for many generations.

A competent domestic sewing machine costs between $100-$300 and can be a worthwhile investment if you are enthusiastic about home sewing and expanding it further.

4. Price of Industrial Sewing Machines

Industrial Sewing Machines

An industrial sewing machine can sew ten times quicker than household sewing machines, making it perfect for those who require high-speed stitching equipment.

As opposed to working on regular sewing machines, using industrial machines provides a unique experience. Utilizing the appropriate tools can make a significant difference in the value of your job.

Owing to a powerful servo motor and impeccable tension controls, industrial sewing machines are priced at a higher range than others. The price goes up to $1000 and above, making these machines a luxurious option for sewing enthusiasts.

5. Price of Mechanical Sewing Machines

These devices lack the sophisticated electronic components seen in computerized machines. As a result of their simplicity, they are easier to manage and offer fewer complications.

You can acquire a reliable product based on the type of mechanical machine you purchase. A complex mechanical sewing machine can accommodate both heavy and fragile fabrics, such as denim and silk.

Mechanical sewing machines are a cost-effective option, with most of them starting at a cheaper price than computerized sewing machines. For under $300, you can get a decent, metallic mechanical machine. If it is out of your price range, a refurbished machine may be a good option as well.

6. Price of Electronic Sewing Machine

Sewing machines that are powered by electricity are faster and more accurate than those that are powered by hand. There is a large selection of stitch kinds and sizes available as well.

An electronic machine provides the flexibility to handle all your sewing jobs, including quilting and needlework. Fabrics that are thick or multi-layered do not pose an issue like they would on a mechanical machine.

Because of the amazing range of features and ability to virtually carry out any task, these machines are more expensive than mechanical ones. Most brands like Singer and Brother come in a range of $500 to $700.

Nonetheless, they are still a good option to consider if you do not want to invest in a heavy-duty industrial sewing machine, which is more costly.

7. Price of Computerized Sewing Machine

Computerized Sewing Machine

A lot of functions on computerized sewing machines conserve time and make sewing simpler. The largest time-saver in stitching is an automated needle-threader i.e. speciality of these machines.

Tension adjustment, a securing straight stitch feature for stronger seams, and auto-tying to fasten the seam lines are among the other functions offered by a computerized sewing machine.

Since the capabilities and brands of computerized sewing machines are pretty much the same as an electronic sewing machine, it’s no surprise that your budget should be the same for both. Ranging roughly from $400 to $800, this automated machine will serve you the best!

8. Price of Embroidery Sewing Machine

Embroidery sewing machines can work considerably more quickly than humans without becoming physically or mentally exhausted. By hand, embroidering a single garment can take several hours, but with a machine, the time can be substantially reduced.

Embroidery is typically a business venture, which implies that you must account for costs, revenue, and loss in the same manner that any other firm would.

If you want to do embroidery on pillows and sheets, a $350 machine will be enough. You’ll have to look at the premium price levels if you want to operate on hats or coats to handle a massive yield.

9. Price of Long Arm Quilting Sewing Machine

Long Arm Quilting Sewing Machine

A long arm quilting machine is a massive piece of machinery designed to make quilting more efficient, especially for thicker fabrics. They’re utterly fantastic, require a significant economic and personal investment, and are a dream of many quilters.

Because quilting frequently involves larger tasks, a long-arm device makes it much easier to move the cloth around. Although you can still quilt on a standard sewing machine, you’ll need to significantly consider buying the one made for the purpose.

These machines range in price from roughly $600 to over $1000 depending on the amenities and innovations included.

10. Price of Overlock Sewing Machine

While you sew, an overlock sewing machine will cut, patch, and overcast seams for you. They can also be utilized for things like putting a zipper in and making gorgeous embellishments with stitching.

You can save time and give created objects a beautiful image thanks to these qualities. Because the machine’s price is defined by the number of threads and loopers, it is advised to choose the configuration that best suits your demands.

An overlock sewing machine may be quite costly with professional models costing £200 and above. As a result, carefully plan to utilize it enough to receive your investment back.

11. Price of Lock Stitch Sewing Machine

A sewing machine’s integrated lock stitch function sews a set number of stitches before stopping. Many contemporary electronic sewing machines have this feature and can perform reliable stitches within the nick of time.

Seaming procedures on all kinds of garments and running stitching are examples of lock stitch implementations. A lock stitch sewing machine helps to attach the fabric to the collar, pocket, and sleeves.

The prices are very similar to any basic beginner or advanced level sewing machine and can vary from $300 dollars up to $500, making them affordable and highly desired by sewing enthusiasts.

12. Price of Heavy-Duty Leather Sewing Machine

Leather sewing machines are motorized machines that are used to sew leather securely. They are typically industrial grade. They can pierce tough, heavy materials and operate for hours without overheating.

Hand stitching leather is possible, but it is time and labour-consuming. This process is significantly faster, more precise, and effective when done using a leather sewing machine.

Since they are heavy duty and compile industrial strength, the price ranges from $500 to $2000. Choosing the correct type of machine according to your budget is an important task while making this purchase.

Expensive Sewing Machines Brands

1. Janome sewing machine

2. Singer sewing machine

3. Brother sewing machine

4. Juki sewing machine

5. Bernina sewing machine

6. Viking sewing machine

7. Pfaff sewing machine


Are expensive sewing machines worth it?

It may or may not be worth it. Most of the expensive sewing machines go for such prices either due to being antique or because of their aesthetics. But this does not mean that the machine will be a great match. This is mainly because it all breaks down to what you are going to make. I’d say that an inexpensive sewing machine will also do the job for you. If you have ever heard of the saying “The poor workman blames his tools”, you’d probably know that it all does not matter for an expert.

Why are sewing machines so expensive?

Normally, it’s the vintage sewing machines that are expensive. Still, there are some brands that drop pretty expensive models once in a while. This is because they have pretty advanced technology in them. Also, these machines do sewing as well as embroidery. I would have to admit some of the sewing machines have more features than my car.

In the case of vintage sewing machines, the low maintenance with guaranteed durability is another reason for the high price. However, the prices may go up or down depending on the overall condition of the individual sewing machine.

Where is the best place to buy a sewing machine?

Apart from the local market in your city, there are many online options in case you get confused. Among them, Amazon is on top as it provides you with a wide range of sewing machines. From the simplest beginner sewing machines to heavy-duty industrial machines,  Amazon has it all.

Since buying a sewing machine is not a walk in the park, I suggest you choose one that fits your sewing needs. This will makes things easier and less complicated for you.

Bottom Line

As mentioned earlier, choosing the right sewing machine comes down to your sewing needs and demands. It’s all up to you whether you want to go for a cheap sewing machine or an expensive one.

Whereas going for an expensive one will give you a lot more versatility and dimensions to work with. You can also choose a used machine for half the price but it will lack many advanced features. Personally, ever since I started sewing, I always opt for the best budget sewing machine.

Hence, you must consider your budget and needs while making the purchase. This is because buying a sewing machine while being overwhelmed by the features will give you nothing but regrets. So think wisely and choose wisely!

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