How to Use Speedy Stitcher

How to Use Speedy Stitcher [Expert’s Tips and Guide]

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Speedy stitcher has been the most famous tool in the world known for assembly and quick repairs. It is specially used for sewing through heavy and light materials. As well its mechanism is pretty easy that making your sewing look easier and comfier.

It takes minutes to learn the procedure and mechanism of stitching. So when you master it, you will not choose any other sewing method without this machine. But, it is important first to learn the mechanism of speedy stitcher so that you can easily get through its specifications. Even Kids can use speedy stitcher instead of kids sewing machine for sewing thick fabric.

So, we explain in detail how to use speedy stitcher with easy tips. It will help you sew all thick to thin fabric, even you can sew leather by hand. You can also sew leather bags with machines in minutes without any trouble, for this go and check our review on leather sewing machines.

In order to get the points of easy usage and the simplest methods of sewing awl. Thus let’s move on to the tips of learning and working of a speedy stitcher.

Instructions You Should Follow to Use Sewing Awl

There are many complex ways known to learn a speedy stitcher; learning them will make your sewing and stitching difficult. As well they ask more care on using. But we are bringing the most minimized and the simplest tips that can help you learn a speedy stitcher easily.

Step 1:

When you are doing speedy stitcher projects, you have to start from the backside by pushing the needle. Then come up to the front side, draw out the thread completely. It would be longer so that you can do the whole project of stitching without the further hassle of pulling it out.

Also, remember to add extra three inches of thread in the pull session for some spare use.

Step 2:

Then keep your hand firmly over the thread on the handle of the awl to add some power. After this, hold the thread and pull the inserted needle completely out of the hole. Move on to the next whole by doing the same strategy.

Step 3:

Now push the needle through the second hole as long as it can go to that hole. Then pull this needle back on the awl until it gives a shape of a little loop to insert thread. Then, pass all the threads from this loop right after making this loop because doing it late can change the place of the loop.

Step 4:

Hold the end of the thread tightly to get more firmness in the stitches. Then pull the needle out of the hole securely with forming a lock stitch shape. After this, it is recommended to pull the taut so that the lock stitch will be buried in the middle of the fabric layers.

Step 5:

After it, release more thread between the material and needle so that you can stitch the next patch. Continue the same strategy to the last patch with completing the first project.

Step 6:

In how to use a speedy stitcher, this part is very important and essential, so complete it with extra care. Now, after doing the project, grasp the loop and pull the thread out of the hole. And this strategy should be chosen when you are at the last whole of your project.

Note: If  you are sewing any of your project on sewing machines then you must be conscious of machines maintenance

Step 7:

After pulling the thread out of the whole, you have to take a cutting instrument. It is better to use a scissor because it can do better cutting without pulling or pushing any length. So, taking a scissor, cut the thread with leaving three inches on both sides so that you can tie it off.

Final step:

Tie both ends of the three-inch cutting on the backside in the shape of a knot. Not only this but also trim the excess thread to look more sleek and classy.

Safety caution:

So if you want to store your speedy stitcher sewing awl safely, then put it back in the storage place. But pull out the needle from the threaded area and screw the chuck lock in its place. You will be done with the project smoothly, and you will have the speedy stitcher saved for the next use.

Stitching without Pre-Drilled Holes

This process is pretty similar to the method we have discussed above. In this process, you have to mark the positions of holes on which material you are stitching. Also, you can choose the position and alignment of holes on your own without any recommendation.

Choosing the way of threading and needle with your awl goes from the first position you have marked. Keep in mind to go from the front side to the backside right after it. Slightly pull back on the awl so that you can create a grabber loop. Then grasp this grabber loop that you have made and pull back the whole length of the thread.

After this, pull the needle out and balance the length of the thread. As we have discussed in the previous method, you need half on the back and half thread on the front side. Then, loop your thread and pull it with great power so that you stitch it perfectly.

Keep this strategy very carefully and do not move while doing the whole process. It is because a slight movement can become a bruise for your hand, and it can even damage your fingers with a sharp awl corner. On the other side, this movement can also affect your stitches with wrong placement.

Moving on to the process, now knot the threads as you have done in the first method. As well as trim all the excess threads so that they will not destroy the look of your stitching material. As a result, you will have a great decorative accent to add more class to your look.

Especially it will give a more rustic feel among all methods of hand-sewing with an awl. All in all, you will get fancy styles and firm construction at one time.


How to use a speedy stitcher for leather?

Speedy stitcher instrument is coming with the same process as you have joined with other materials. There is nothing special or new that you will be doing for the leather material. Follow all of the steps to stitch or sew your leather material and make a leather wallet or any other thing you want.

How to thread speedy stitcher?

The threading of a speedy stitcher is pretty straightforward. Follow through the points of threading of needle with putting them in the awl. On the whole, tighten them so that they won’t come off the position, and as well you can get proper stitching.

How to use a sewing awl on canvas?

Canvas is a heavy fabric, and it needs more firm stitches than regular material. The awl will remain the same, but you have to change the speedy stitcher needles and the threads. Doing all this will help you easy stitching and sewing.

What is Speedy Stitcher used for?

Speedy stitches are used to do completing the stitching of a material like fabric, leather, and cotton. A speedy stitcher is a useful tool for workshops, homes, farms, or any other place where materials like vinyl, leather, or canvas have been used.

Bottom Line!

In how to use speedy stitcher, we have elaborated speedy stitcher tips along with the speedy stitcher instructions. So, if you want to stitch your sewing materials fastly, you have to learn these steps. So do read them and get your stitches with a better strategy.

Overall, the method is time-saving, money-saving, and completely environment-friendly. So, there is no restriction of it doing it anywhere.

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