How to Fix Sewing Machine Handwheel

How to Fix Sewing Machine Stuck Handwheel [Expert’s Tips and Guide]

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Want to fix sewing machine handwheel issues, if you have been searching this  then we feel you! It can get even more irritating if you are unable to figure out the exact reason behind this. Because if you are unaware of the exact cause then you can neither sort it nor avoid the problem in the future. Consequently, you’ll be obliged to take the machine to a  professional repairer.

Here, in this article we will tell you how to fix a jammed handwheel on a sewing machine and potential causes that can lead you to this issue. 

So, here we go! 

How to Fix Stuck Sewing Machine Handweel

Alter The Settings Of Inner Knob Of Handwheel

Those who are using old sewing machines, this method will help them in regards to fixing the handwheel.

Older models have an inner knob at the center of the handwheel. We cannot detach this inner knob or move it. Sometimes, this knob gets stuck and ultimately, jams the handwheel of the machine. 

We can resolve such an issue by following the method which is very comparable to the method that we follow to bind the thread to bobbin. We know that the handwheel will not work if it is not unlatched once we have attached the thread to the bobbin. On the same lines, the inner wheel should be unfastened to keep moving the handwheel with  ease. 

If the handwheel of the machine under your usage becomes problematic. You should try to alter the settings of the inner knob first. However, if the problem is not solved by this then you can take help from the other methods that are discussed here. 

How To Fix The Thread On A Sewing Machine

Enmeshed thread is another significant reason behind rigid handwheels. Every sewing machine has a particular way in which it should be threaded. If a user is not doing it in the right way it may result in a static handwheel. 

If the machine is not threaded properly, the thread will be coiled which results in an increase of the machine’s handwheel rigidity. More rigidity implies that the user will face difficulty while moving the handwheel and at times it can completely stop moving.

Know the right way of threading the machine that is under your use. The machine box has a manual inside it. The manual has all the information necessary for the threading of the machine, Take help from that manual. In addition, you can find out the information related to threading from the official website of the machine’s company. 

Once it has been rethreaded, there are ample chances that the machine will start working properly. But if the issue still exists, no worries. We have got some other solutions for you. For now, we have at least fixed one plausible reason. 

Clean a Sewing Machine 

Over time, dust and lint are piled up inside the machine, more precisely, within the bobbin case. 

Both of these hinders the smooth movement of the handwheel. So another way to fix the sewing machine handwheel stuck is to clean it. 

Make sure that you clean your machine regularly and properly. Different lubricants are available in the market for cleaning machines. The dust along with these lubricating, greasy materials result in a tacky solid thing, and it will jam the handwheel. 

Therefore, if a user has rethreaded his/her sewing machine and the issue stands there unresolved then he/she has to consider thoroughly cleaning the bobbin case. For cleaning, all a user has to do is, first detach the bobbin case from the sewing machine. Next step is to brush-off all the dirt. Ensure that no dirt is left in the case. Otherwise, it will have to be cleaned all over again.

Once you have cleaned the case, you will note a clear difference in moving the handwheel. 


Another case is inadequate lubrication. All the moving parts machines need to be lubricated regularly for smooth working. 

To avoid sewing machine handwheels stuck, keep oiling it on a regular basis. As the handwheel experiences friction, if it is not lubricated well it will get stuck.

If you don’t know how to oil your sewing machine you can see the instruction manual. It will guide you step by step, in most simple words, 1-2 drops of oil are sufficient  for a sewing machine.

Always use good oil for lubrication. You cannot simply use any oil for lubrication. Rather, use only those oils that are recommended for the sewing machines.

Damaged Belt 

If the sewing machine handwheel is not moving, one reason can be the damaged belt that is there in the sewing machine along  with the handwheel. 

The primary reason behind the motion of the handwheel is the belt. It goes without saying that if the belt is damaged the handwheel will stop turning. Nevertheless, you should not try to replace a damaged belt at home. You cannot do it by yourself , as it can result in new problems. If your belt is damaged, show it to a professional repairman and get it replaced. 

Be careful about the status of the belt and replace it before the handwheel completely stops working. If the belt is damaged you will notice a change in the sound of the machine when it sees something. Moreover, you might notice a strange smell when the machine is sewing. 


Why is my handwheel stuck?

Handwheels get stuck for a variety of reasons. A sewer is recommended not sew for very long time periods. As it rises the machine’s temperature which results in jamming the handwheel. Further, a damaged belt, a lint-filled bobbin case, and poor lubrication can all cause a handwheel to become stuck.

What is a handwheel in a sewing machine?

Handwheel is used to make  stitches on the cloth. It is present on the right side of the machine. In sewing machines, both the needle and the take-up lever are controlled using hand wheels. Sewing machines that are operated manually as well as those operated by electricity have hand wheels.

In which direction the handwheel is turned?

The right direction to move a handwheel is anticlockwise. It is also indicated by the arrow present on the machine. Bear in mind the motor of your sewing machine may be damaged if you turn the arm clockwise.

Final Words 

Hopefully, the methods told above will fix your issues related to handwheels. It’s better to start by cleaning properly, and re-threading the handwheel to fix it if it is stuck due to a lints pile. 

Furthermore, if you are doubtful that you won’t be able to follow the methods we discussed here rightly, it is better that you take the machine to a repairman. Because, doing something wrong hints at spending more bucks than it was initially required. So, it’s wise to save time and money instead of experimenting. 

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