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Top 10 Best Sewing Machine Brands to Buy in 2022

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If you sew- as a hobby or profession then you are aware of the fact that there are thousands of sewing machines brands in the market. There are different categories of sewing machines, with each one having its own strengths and weaknesses. Every machine specializes in some sort of stitching. Some of them are best for embroidery while some of them are especially manufactured for quilting and the list goes on.

There are certain things to be considered before you start looking for a sewing machine. Because the suitability of a machine varies from person to person on the basis of each person’s requirements. In particular, you should focus on the level of skill you possess. Other than that, give importance to ease of use, number of styles and stitches, innovative features, additional accessories, etc.

Our team has carefully shortlisted the best sewing machine brands. Let’s have a comprehensive look at each of these.

The 10 Most Reliable Sewing Machine Brands     

1. Brother Sewing Machine


Brother is a Japan based brand, which was established back in 1908. At the time of establishment, it was named as Yasui Sewing Machine Co. Later, in 1962 the brand was renamed as “Brother International Corporation (US)”.

They started producing and exporting sewing machines in 1968. This happened after they took Jones sewing machine factory in Audenshaw, Greater Manchester under their wing.

The company is not only restricted to the manufacturing of sewing machines. It is also known for making office and home appliances such as fax machines, computers and printers. Furthermore, the company offers the services of repairing the sewing machines.

Features, Working And Pricing

Brother’s sewing machines are known as technologically advanced. Brother machines are most preferred when it comes to buying a computerized machine. They come with a LCD screen.

They have machines for all skill levels from beginners to advanced level sewers. Usually, all their models are technically advanced and innovatively designed so beginners might find it challenging to operate, initially.

These machines provide value for money because these machines are packed with numerous useful features. Even the low budget models have a lot of features. So, it is reasonable to say that they are budget friendly. Their price range is $159- $799.

Currently, Brother is manufacturing 18 types of machines in total. Out of these six are especially made for embroidery. The rest can be used for various purposes such as quilting, simple stitching, etc.

L14S is their most cheap model. It is basic, very easy to operate. Hence, best for those who are new to sewing. Whereas, Innov-is A150 is a high end model, loaded with features. It is suitable for expert sewers.

BROTHER INNOV-IS A60SE is also a good option in their high end machines. Its speed is 850 stitches per minute. Moreover, it offers 60 types of stitches along with six buttonholes.

All the models low budget as well as high end are made of plastic. That is why they are lightweight.

Brother’s machines normally have 3 years’ warranty.

2. Singer Sewing Machine


It is a US based brand which was established in 1851. Singer is a leading brand in the sewing machine industry. This company gained popularity by uninterruptedly providing high quality products to its consumers. In the year 1890, 90% of the total output of the sewing market consisted of Singer machines.

Features, Working And Pricing

Singer machines are workhorses. Singer is considered the best brand for buying mechanical sewing machines.

Singer machines are really easy to operate. They come with simple controls. They are beginner friendly. Though, a newbie sewer might find them a little bit complex to use at start. But, once understood and operated then it’s all easy.

Singer machines tend to be expensive with respect to the functions they have. Also, they come with less accessories. These machines start around $150 and can go up to $1000. Remember, the more exclusive a model is, the higher the price is! For instance, the Singer Futura XL400 will cost you around $700.

Singer has twenty different models to offer-ranging from domestic to industrial/commercial sewing machines. They have many beginner friendly models in their machine range.

If you want a compact, lightweight and small model then have a look into their Standard and Traditions range. Their heavy duty machines are medium in size and come with four-step buttonholes. Such models are more expensive than the compact one.

Singer XL range is suitable for those who want machines for embroidery purposes.

Singer Heavy Duty 4423 is a medium sized mechanical machine and comes with 23 types of stitches and one buttonhole.

Earlier, the Singer machines were manufactured of cast iron. But now, like all other bands, Singer machines are also made of plastic.

However, the presence of metal frames increases its durability, reliability and lifespan.

Singer machines have 2 years’ warranty.

3. Bernina Sewing Machine


It is a European brand established in Switzerland in 1893. It was founded by Karl Friedrich Gagauz. Initially, the company was called Piz Bernina. The first factory of this brand came into being in 1900 with around 70 workers employed in it. From that point onwards, the company is growing. This company provides consumers innovative machines. It holds the Best Innovator award. The brand has been able to introduce completely new types of machines by collaborating with Microsoft.

Features, Working And Pricing

These machines may not be suitable for beginners and those who have little to no knowledge of technology. You should buy Bernina machines if you are into computerized machines. They can be complex to understand and operate, especially its LCD display.

Bernina was the first ever brand to introduce the sewing machine market to the quilting machines which had the Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR) function.

In addition, it also came forward with a sewing machine specialized for embroidery only. This machine is used commercially.

Bernina 15 is one of their most classical models. Many of its models including Bernina 435 has 650 types of stitches and nine buttonholes. Its speed is 900 stitches ppm. Bernina machines have a jumbo bobbin which implies that there would be less interruptions. It has an in-built memory. This function can save your stitch settings.

Bernina machines are expensive as they are technically advanced and are basically designed for commercial use. Their price range is $149 – 1,799.

These machines are tough and are designed to last long.

Bernina machines usually have a good warranty time period. For example, Bernina 435 has 7 years’ warranty.

4. Janome Sewing Machine


Yosaku Ose was founded in the 1920s in Japan and later renamed as Janome. It became popular amongst the users because of the innovations it did such as launching the first ever round bobbin. This brand also provides soft wares for quilting, embroidery and other types of sewing projects. The meaning of the word Janome is “eye of the snake”. This tells a lot about the brand’s focus which is innovation in the thread system.

Features, Working And Pricing

Janome has 30 different types of machines. These machines cater from beginners to expert sewers. They are most famous for their computerized machines.

Janome machines can be connected to phones and laptops with the help of Wi-Fi connection. This makes the transfer of designs very easy and saves time.

Their middle range models have 80 types of stitches and three buttonholes. They are computerized and come along with LCD. The LCD is not very complex to operate. Unlike many sewing machines, Janome machines do not produce much noise and vibration.  Janome machines are all-rounders. They can be used for embroidery projects. 

Janome machines are technologically advanced yet so simple to use. This is best suited to those who want a computerized machine but not the one that is complex to understand.

Their price range starts from $100 and goes up to $6,000. You can get a good computerized machine at a mid-range price tag.

Janome machines have a very long lifespan. They are durable and reliable. Modern Janome machines are made of high quality plastic.

Janome machines have a 2 years’ warranty. The company gives customers the option to buy an additional 3 years’ warranty.

5. Pfaff Sewing Machine 


It is a 120 years old German brand. Pfaff was established in 1862 by Georg Pfaff. The company became a player of the international sewing machine market in the early years of the 20th century. The company boomed in the industrial revolution era just like Bernina, Singer and other sewing machine companies. They not only focused on manufacturing high quality machines but also laid the foundation of a sales organization. This benefited the company in multiple ways.

Features, Working And Pricing

Pfaff has sleek and state-of-the art machines. It caters beginners as well as intermediate level and advanced level sewers. It has a wide range of quilting machines.

It has 24 different types of machines, which include both domestic as well as industrial machines. Some models are compact while some are quite big in size.

Modern models such as The Creative Icon Embroidery and Sewing Machine have 800 styles of stitching. Its LCD screen can be zoomed in and out. Pfaff’s top-notch machines are high power and have the capability to sew difficult and multiple layered materials. Such models have workspaces large enough to support big projects. The high end models are suitable for expert sewers and those who have good knowhow of technology.

Beginners should buy basic models such as Smarter 140s and Smarter 160s. These basic models give you 20 different types of stitches. You can change the length and width of stitches. Moreover, basic models have LED lamps which improves the visibility and ultimately the precision.

It is suitable for those who are on a tight budget as well as those who have a good amount of money to spend on sewing machines.

The basic models cost around $250 to300. Whereas, the top notch models can cost a whopping $15000.

Pfaff machines have a five years’ warranty.

6. Baby Lock Sewing Machine


Baby Lock is comparatively a new company in the sewing machine industry. It was formed in the 1960s as a result of the idea of a few Japanese engineers. Their idea was to shrink the size of commercial overclockers of that time and make them feasible for domestic use. The machine that they made was named as baby overlocker. Hence, the company was given the name Baby lock. They were the first to come up with the air-threading sergers. The threading of sergers was considered to be the most difficult part. Introduction of the air-threading made the task way easier for many users.

Features, Working And Pricing

Its features are very similar to that of the Brother machines.  Just like Brother, Baby lock has models for beginners as well as experienced sewers. The high end models are suitable only for experts. Baby Lock machines have high durability.

The number of stitches varies from model to model. For example, Baby Lock Brilliant offers 190 types of stitches. On the same lines, the speed also differs. Baby Lock Accomplishes speed is 1500 stitches ppm.

The reason behind Baby Lock machines’ high durability is its high quality components. It is the global leader as regards to the quality.

Baby Lock machines are expensive. Because they are made of high end material which increases its lifespan.

These machines usually have a 25 year long warranty. If you buy a high end model it will come with additional Gold Warranty.

7. Elna Sewing Machine


It was founded in the year 1934 in Switzerland. Ever since its establishment Elna has believed that sewing should be fun. So, they focused on making easy to use machines. Elna claims to be the first ever company to introduce heirloom stitches, overlock stitch in a domestic machine as well as the automated needle threader. The company manufactures both types of machines, domestic as well as industrial machines.

Features, Working And Pricing

Presently, Elna has 21 types of machines. This range includes smaller and compact machines such as Sew Fun for new sewers. It also has computerized models that can be easily used by expert sewers. Some of its models are especially made for embroidery and quitting.

Basic models offer less numbers of stitches and buttonholes. Similarly, their speed is less than high end models. Sew Fun has 15 types of built-in stitches. It also has a triple stitch option. Whereas higher models offer a large number of stitches. Elna eXperience 580- an advanced model has 120 built-in stitches. Along with this, it has 7 automated buttonholes. Its stitching speed is 820 stitches ppm.

The modern models can handle a variety of fabrics and projects with ease. All models of Elna are highly durable.

Almost all brands are making machines from plastic. However, Elna machines are made of aluminum. So, the last more.

Elna has budget friendly as well as expensive machines. Its price range starts from $100. The most expensive Elna model is Elna 740 which costs around $4000.

8. Husqvarna sewing Machine


It was established in 1689. Soon after its formation, the company started making sewing machines. Earlier it was owned by Sweden’s royal family. Later, in 1757 it was sold by the Sweden royal family and from that point till now it is privately owned.

 Features, Working And Pricing

Husqvarna machines gained attention of masses due to their out of the box designs, its machines have self-oiling sintered steel. Furthermore, these machines possess an easy to hold bobbin case.

These machines are suitable for quilting, and creating embroidery patterns. This brand has produced the first ever smart sewing machine. It has 16 sewing machines in its range, catering everyone-from beginners to expert sewers. Most of the machines are computerized or electronic.

The computerized models can be controlled through a touch panel. They also have an automated thread cutter as well as bobbin thread sensor.

Many models of this brand provide 200 types of built-in stitches. They also have the memory to save your previous stitch settings. They also offer a large working space.

Most of these machines have high price tags.

9. Juki Sewing Machine


In 1983 a bunch of machinery manufacturers invested in a company called Tokyo Juki Manufacturers Association. This is how this company came into being. Ever since its establishment, the company has been focusing on domestic as well as industrial machines. Initially it sold machines only in Japan. But after realizing the potential of the American market, it also started sailing in the US in 1974. It proved to be a wise decision as the company contributed 21% in the total sales of the sewing machine industry.

Features, Working And Pricing

Though a comparatively new company, its stitching quality is at par with the world class brands such as Bernina and Singer. It has an excellent feeding system. This makes it easier to stitch multiple layered fabric. It can cater all your needs. As it can be used for simple stitching to specialized projects.

It can offer 22 to 300 plus stitch styles- depending on the model you are using.

Their prices start from $100 and end at $4000.

10. John Lewis Sewing Machine


John Lewis became part of the market in 1864. It started from Oxford Street, London and today it is a major contributor in the UK’s sewing machine market. It is not only restricted to the manufacturing of sewing machines but also produces stuff related to fashion and home.

Features, Working And Pricing

In total, the brand has 5 machines in its range. All of them are the same in terms of features but differ in color. All these machines are suitable for beginners. These machines cannot stitch multilayered, thick fabrics.

They have fourteen stitch styles to choose from and four step buttonhole options. Along with this, they have drop-in bobbins and LED light.

You’ll find accessories like dust bags and extra needles in its box.

All the models are budget friendly.


Is a mini sewing machine useful?

Mini sewing machines are handy and portable. Many professional sewers are also using these machines. They can easily stitch fabrics like velvet and denim.

Are Merritt machines good?

Merritt machines are perfect picks for beginners. They can last very long provided that they are maintained properly. Their design is similar to the traditional machines and best for someone who can’t use automatic sewing machines.

 What can you do with old sewing machines?

You should try to keep the old machine with you as an extra one. In case your primary machine stops working, then you can use the older one. Other than this you can sell, donate to a charity. It can also be given for repurposing and recycling. 

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