Best Sewing Machine Under $300

Top 10 Best Sewing Machine Under $300 Reviews [2023]

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Today, everyone seeks budget-friendly options whether it is a sewing machine or a washing machine. Affordability is the biggest concern for mediocre consumers. Of course, you won’t spend on a product that is reasonable but does not offer high-quality execution. Therefore, many manufacturers, deliver pocket-friendly and heavy-duty handheld sewing machines for leather and advanced sewers.

However, we have decided to take you through a list of the best sewing machines under 300 which offers both mechanical and computerized sewing machines category. These industrial machines are not only inexpensive and tremendously awesome in performance, but also tested and reviewed by our experts. So, whether you love sewing or embroidery, these options would make your life easier.

Must have a look at our top recommendations for the best manual leather sewing machine, the best mechanical sewing machines, and the best sewing machines for kids.

The 10 Best Sewing Machines Under $300

Our Top Choice

Singer 4452 heavy duty sewing machine

Singer 4452 


  • 1100 stitches per minute
  • 32 built-in + 18 decorative stitches
  • 7 presser feet
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SINGER 4432 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Singer 4432


  • built-in reverse lever
  • 1,100 Stitches Per Minute
  • Automatic 1-Step Buttonhole
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Brother XR9550 Sewing and Quilting Machine Brother XR9550


  • 165 unique built-in stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • The intuitive LCD display
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 Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine Brother HC1850 


  • 185 built-in stitches
  • Free Arm & Extension Table
  • 8 One-Step Buttonholes
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Singer 7258 Sewing & Quilting Machine Singer 7258 


  • 203 Stitch Applications
  • 4 Feet Included for Enhanced Capability
  • Automatic 1-Step Buttonhole
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 Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine XR3774 Brother XR3774


  • 37 Sewing Stitches
  • Jam-Resistant Drop-in Bobbin
  • Dial Selection
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Singer Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine Singer Tradition 2277


  • 97 Stitch Applications
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame
  • 3 Presser Feet Included
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Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine Brother ST371HD


  • 37 Sewing Stitches
  • Metal Needle Plate
  • Versatile free arm
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 Brother ST150HDH Sewing Machine Brother ST150HDH 


  • 50 Sewing Stitches
  • LCD Screen & Dial Selection
  • Longer Feed Dogs & J Foot
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Janome HD1000BE HD1000 Janome HD1000BE HD1000


  • 14 Stitches including a 4-Step Buttonhole
  • Drop Feed for Free Motion Sewing
  • Built-In Needle Threader
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Each model is unique and different from one another so you could get all the options according to your desires. So, let’s explore how each product is unmatchable and discover its specifications. From these machines, you can expect several built-in features, digital advancements, and many other specs. So, let’s begin.

1. Singer 4452:Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Singer Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing machineIf you seek a sewing machine that works efficiently on denim, leather, vinyl, and canvas fabrics, look no further than the Singer 4452 model. It is considered the best sewing machine for advanced sewers because of its heavy-duty features and specifications. However, when you sew these fabrics using the Singer 4452 machine, you will determine their speed and controllability. This heavy-duty machine works flawlessly on thick as well as delicate fabrics.

In addition to this, this machine has a high-quality plastic material but it has a tough metal framework to provide it with solid construction. The construction that this machine offers usually comes in high-end machines. Moreover, this model offers a handle to carry it easily and move around. What else do you need?

You would find several other features in this machine which include 32 built-in stitches that allow you for an array of stitching styles. These styles include basic stretch, decorative, and buttonhole stitches. Moreover, several additional sewing accessories make it an all-purpose sewing and quilting machine.

Above and beyond, the Singer 4452 sewing machine has a speed of 1100 SPM along with a 60% heavier and stronger motor that allows excellent proficiency. It delivers comparable power with other top-of-the-line commercial and industrial sewing machines, which typically come with higher prices. Hence, if you are about to initiate your sewing or embroidery business with low investment, there could be no better option than Singer 5542 sewing machine.

  • The adjustable presser foot allows stitch on multiple fabrics
  • Razor thread cutter cuts thread automatically
  • Ideal for advanced sewers
  • Extremely fast sewing speed
  • Executes the sewing process smoothly
  • Hard foot pedal
  • The needles tend to break while sewing at high speed

Bottom Line

Many consumers prefer the Singer 5542 sewing machine because of its high power, great performance, and incredible price tag. This machine excellently works on thick fabrics and gives you a commercial-like product in the end. Concisely, this is the best sewing machine that competes with other expensive options on the market.

2. Singer 4432: Sewing Machine for Beginners

SINGER 4432 Heavy Duty Sewing MachineHere comes another heavy-duty and powerful sewing machine from the same brand, which comprises many specs and useful features. The Singer 4432 model has all the qualities and traits that a heavy-duty sewing machine should have. Setting up this machine and using it extremely makes it the best option for beginners.

Singer 4432 is made with a tough metal frame that has a first-class plastic exterior. The combination of these two materials increases the durability of the product. This machine contains several other accessories, which come along with the package. These accessories include an auxiliary spool pin, needles, four presser feet, and other necessary items.

Moreover, you would get up to 110 stitch applications for different crafting styles. When this machine offers a speed of 1100 SPM by merging with a 50% more powerful and enhanced motor, it delivers a premium performance that can tackle pretty thick fabrics. This affordable quilting machine has got everything in its kit.

  • The three-needle positions provide more control
  • You can customize the length and width of the stitch.
  • Stitches can be set to a maximum of 6 mm
  • The metal and plastic construction makes it super durable
  • You will get a 25-year limited warranty
  • A heavyweight machine
  • Poor lighting

Bottom Line

Singer 4432 is a high-speed sewing machine that is certainly the best option for beginner sewers. This outstanding model also offers a 25-year limited warranty to provide you with the best manufacturing services.

3. Brother XR9550: Computerized Sewing Machine

Brother XR9550 Sewing and Quilting MachineIf you seek a fully-digital sewing machine, here’s an option for you. This best electronic sewing machine under 300 has bought something unique for you.  It is the best option for sewing machine problems and offers quick remedies. The Brother XR9550 sewing and quilting machine come with eight different inbuilt presser feet including zigzag, buttonhole, monogramming, zipper, and others. Not only this, these presser feet and buttonhole styles are one step ahead that allows you to quickly adjust.

The automatic needle threader system has made your sewing tasks easier. This system helps with specific features to prevent eye strain. All you need to do is to provide the machine with the thread, further the machine would take care of it automatically. In addition to this, if you usually execute your sewing tasks at night or in a dark room, the LED lights provide enough light to the stitching area, so that you could complete your work easily.

Along with 55 alphanumeric sewing stitches, the Brother XR9550 digital machine offers 110 sewing styles. You would also find an LCD in this advanced machine which allows you to pick your favorite stitching style and select the option. When you receive this product, you would get a protective case and a manual along with this item.

  • Exceptional option for beginners
  • Super effortless to use
  • Allows you to customize the stitch length and width
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Offers 25-year limited warranty
  • Only basic monogramming
  • Specific bobbin size

Bottom Line

The Brother XR9550 has become a new powerful and computerized sewing machine that is ideal for many beginners. This machine is relatively affordable and delivers some decent accessories to take your sewing experience to the next level. It is a highly recommendable machine, which is user-friendly as well.

4. Brother HC1850: Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting MachineBrother HC1850 sewing and quilting machine come with some unique stitch programs that make it the most versatile sewing machine for fashion design students. If you learn sewing or try to make new sewing designs, then this machine is a perfect choice for you because it features some great specifications and benefits which are an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate-level sewers.

You can use this machine for regular sewing as well as quilting. It means, it can effortlessly handle thick fabrics such as leather. Furthermore, this model offers the highest number of 185 built-in stitch programs in 14 quilting stitching styles include. Moreover, this machine offers a free-motion quilting motion to make this task easier.

Other than these unique built-in stitches and sewing styles, the Brother HC1850 sewing machine offers an enhanced needle threader along with a drop-in top-load bobbin. This needle threading function works with the pressing of a lever. Several other accessories included in this machine are a wide table, manual, DVD for guidelines, and eight different pressing feet. The LCD screen also delivers an enhanced experience.

  • Best speed controller for beginners
  • Plenty of unique stitching patterns
  • The foot controller pedal is included
  • Super lightweight and easily portable
  • A 25-year limited warranty is offered
  • Inadequate light from LED
  • Light-duty machine

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the BrotherHC1850 is an easy-to-use sewing machine that comes with the maximum stitching styles and can be used for multipurpose. It offers an automatic needle threader and other great sewing choices that make this task extremely effortless.

5. Singer 7258: Automatic Needle Threader

Singer 7258 Stitching Sewing MachineSINGER 7258 is a customizable item that holds the capacity to let consumers decide on the stitch with the help of a simple push button. During this, you will also be able to set the length, width, and tension of the stitch to give an elegant look to your cloth. How change sewing machine needle and thread can be a bit tricky. Whether you are a beginner or encounter an eye-strain problem, the automatic needle threader would make everything easier for you.

Not just that, its adjustable features allow you to adjust the height of stretch at any time without affecting the quality of the cloth. With all these traits the best thing about this product is that the stylist 7258 is warranted at almost 60 hertz. It means that at this volt the machine will work at its best.

However, 110 volts is an ideal volt for a sewing machine that allows you to work without any error. Being 14.5” high and 7.5” wide this product is 12” deep and comes with elegant fittings to rock on your stitching board.

Overall, this item is 14.6 pounds which is the best weight and holds the capacity to stay sturdy without causing any hindrance. Hence, giving an appealing look to your cloth with a SINGER 7258 sewing machine won’t be hectic at all.

  • Adjustable features
  • Customizable item
  • Warranted at almost 60 hertz
  • Allows you to set the length, width, and tension of the stitch
  • A bit noisy tool

Bottom Line

The Singer 7258 is a versatile sewing and quilting machine, which allows you to sew on multiple fabrics. With its auto needle threader and simple push buttons, it is a user-friendly machine. This user-friendliness makes it a sewing machine for kids as well.

6. Brother XR3774: Sewing Machine on a Budget

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, XR3774The next item on the list is brother’s XR3774 with an elegant look and the latest features. If you are into regular sewing or working on quality projects, it’s sure that no other product will aid you like the XR3774 sewing machine. It’s because this item has a large working area, which is 15.3” long, 5.8” wide, and 12” deep that makes it an ideal product to flaunt on your sewing table.

Being a 15.87 pounds machine it’s sure that this heavy-duty machine won’t leave its place while sitting and allow you to have the best experience every time. Just like its 37-inbuilt stitches capacity with the help of a 1-step buttonhole. It allows you to stitch any piece of cloth with an automatic needle threaded. This thread pushes the cloth towards the needle and makes stitching easier.

Other than that, the product comes with other essentials to support the quality of the machine. Moreover, there are some additional accessories, including a machine cover, a wide table, an industrial DVD, and 8 sewing feet. These tools make your sewing simpler and more appealing.

  • 1-step buttonhole
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 37-in built stitches capacity
  • Heavy-duty machine
  • It comes with 8 sewing feet
  • Catches dirt easily
  • Walking foot gets loose while sewing

Bottom Line

This Brother handheld sewing machine is ideal for those who are into quilting large pieces of cloth because it offers a pretty wide working area. With this model, you don’t need to worry about fabric management. However, it may consume a lot of space on your table.

7. Singer Tradition 2277: Cheapest Sewing Machine

SINGER Tradition 2277 Sewing MachinePeople admire when they have to work with a gadget that makes their sewing less daunting. Hence, fulfilling the desire of many hearts the Singer has launched its latest design Tradition 2277 which comes with a 1-step buttonhole. It aids you in providing professional result stitches with a single touch of the button.

However, to save you time this automatic needle threader provides you a neat and fast stitch every time. So, adjust the length and width of the fabric without affecting the fabric quality to get elegant stitches. Although this machine offers many high-end features, it is still quite affordable.

This heavy-duty metal frame is sturdy and can work like a pro at 110 volts for Canadian and United States users. Not just that, with this elegant product you will be offered 90 days of adjustments, wiring, electronic components, and speed control by the manufacturers.

With all its traits it’s visible that the SINGER has fulfilled all the desires of the professionals by allowing them to work for 25 years without any replacement. With all its elements this item is worth trying.

  • Automatic needle threader
  • Most affordable model
  • 25-years of warranty
  • 1-step buttonhole
  • 90 days of adjustments guarantee
  • Bit noisy tools
  • Breaks needles constantly

Bottom Line

If you have been seeking a sewing machine with advanced features and high-end performance, but with a lower price tag, look no further than the Singer tradition 2277 sewing machine. This leather sewing machine can handle pretty thick fabric and sew it flawlessly.

8. Brother ST371HD Cheap Brother Sewing Machine

Brother ST371HD Strong Sewing Machine with Free Arm OptionThe Brother ST371HD looks super cool with its aesthetics and solid appearance. This machine comes with dark charcoal accents along with rugged carbon panels that make this item very attractive. This machine is not only popular for its looks and appearance, but for some features it offers.

It comes with 37 unique integrated stitches which include an auto-size buttonhole along with six inbuilt feet such as zigzag, zipper, nonstick, button blind stitch, sewing feet, etc. Other than this, this machine also offers an automatic needle threader and a drop-in top-load bobbin that prevents you from eye strain and provides you with convenient use.

To help you with the use and operation of this machine, you would get a manual with easy-to-read instructions. Several other included accessories in this machine are versatile free arms to execute a wide range of tasks and a DVD guide for visual instructions.

  • Quick and reliable sewing machine
  • Offers a range of stitches and feet
  • A rubber base prevents slipperiness
  • Solid construction
  • Needle threader could be cumbersome

Bottom Line

Concisely, Brother ST371HD is a sewing machine that comes with unbeatable stitching styles and a variety of feet and free arms to help you complete your multiple sewing projects. This machine is also relatively cheaper than other models offering the same features.

9. Brother ST150HDH: Integrated LCD Sewing Machine

Brother ST150HDH Strong and Tough Sewing MachineHere comes another digital sewing machine from the Brother which has been released as a stronger and tougher model on the market. This heavy-duty sewing machine is considered a good replacement for other expensive computerized sewing machines because of its affordable price tag.

Usually, a cheap sewing machine doesn’t offer a display panel, but with the Brother ST150HD sewing machine, you can view sewing needles, sewing area, stitch size, and style closely. This model offers nine sewing feet along with heavy-weight needles to give your fabric a perfect stitch.

To guide you with the usage of this machine with different stitching style feet, you would get manual instruction to support you technically. Where would you get such an advanced computerized machine at this price?

  • Twin needles for easy sewing
  • Offers reverse stitching
  • Most versatile computerized machine
  • Optional foot pedal
  • Automatic bobbin winding and needle threader
  • Not ideal for industrial use
  • Costly than other Brother’s machines

Bottom Line

The Brother ST150HDH is an impressive digital sewing machine that is best for beginners. If you are an initial-level sewer who is looking for the most adaptable digital sewing machine then, here’s an option for you. It comes with a built-in display panel that helps you execute your task more effortlessly.

10. Janome HD1000BE: Sewing Machine for Beginners

Janome HD1000 BLACK editionThe Janome HD1000BE sewing machine is constructed with an aluminum interior and exterior which makes this model super solid and tough. This all-metal construction not only makes it durable internally and externally but delivers a captivating appearance.

In addition to this, the automatic needle threader easily threads that saves you time and effort. Other than this, this machine offers a front-load drop-in bobbin, a four-step buttonhole, and 14 different stitch styles for your convenience. You are also able to adjust the width and length of the stitch.

Furthermore, this machine can be used for sewing as well as quilting in which a drop feed along with three-piece feed dogs come for free quilting. You will get free arms to sew sleeves and cuffs that make your projects relatively easier. Some additional tools include a machine cover, needles, and four presser feet.

  • Sews on multiple thick fabrics
  • Ideal for both beginners and professionals
  • Most durable option
  • Offers a 25-year limited warranty
  • Hard to work on fabrics like canvas or rubber
  • Threading the machine could be tricky

Bottom Line

If you don’t want to waste your time buying multiple machines due to flimsy machines, pick the Janome HD1000BE sewing and quilting machine directly. This machine is built with high-quality aluminum metal material inside and out which gives it a long life and works perfectly throughout.

Quick Tips to Buy the Best Sewing Machine | Buying Guide

Despite which sewing machine you seek, whether you want a beginner’s or a commercial model, there are always several aspects that need to be considered. Thus, below are some traits to determine in order to make the best decision.

Digital vs. Manual

Well, a digital or a computerized sewing machine has become more popular in recent years but they are not always the right option for everyone, especially those with a limited budget. These machines are absolutely easier to manage and deliver increased power than manual models, but you would hardly find them with a cheap price tag. However, if you get a digital machine at an affordable price, make sure it’s worthwhile. Otherwise, a manual would be the option.

Speed and Control

The controls of a machine usually depend on which type of machine you pick. For instance, if you have a digital or sewing machine, you would find its control easier. But with a mechanical machine, you have to turn the dial to change the stitch type.

Moreover, the speed of the sewing machine motor is measured in SPM which should be between 500-1000 per stitch ideally.


Generally, some sewing machines offer needles and some may not. If you choose a sewing machine with needles, make sure to use the right needles for different tasks. Also, identify that you get high-quality needles that do not damage or break easily. Several sewing machines come with a wide range of needles such as stretch, sharp, quilting, and leather needles.

Integral Stitches

Then comes the number of integrated stitches which are all about the sewing capacity of a machine. The more inbuilt stitches, the more versatile the machine. Anyhow, while shopping for the best sewing and quilting machine, make sure it has more stitch options to increase that fulfills your needs.

Pressure Feet

An average sewing machine must have a pressure foot that holds the fabric and generates pressure to stitch it efficiently. Even a sewing machine under 500 offers multiple pressure feet such as zigzag or straight stitch that facilitate you with different stitching styles.

Built-in Bobbin

You have the option to pick between a top-load or front-load bobbin in your sewing machine. Amongst these two options, a top-load drop-in bobbin is quicker to handle that can be easily taken out and put in. Besides, determine that the bobbin is made of transparent plastic to pass through the thread easily.

Automatic Needle Threader

Sewing and quilting machines with automatic needle threaders are preferable because it prevents eye strain. Not only this, it saves your time by threading the needle automatically within seconds.


A sewing machine with an inbuilt LED light makes it very convenient when you are executing the sewing process in the dark. The LED light delivers sufficient light to help you do your work easily and accurately.

What is the most reliable sewing machine?

The most reliable sewing machine on the list is the Janome HD1000BE Sewing Machine because this model comes with tough construction and offers some exceptional features. Other than this, it is perfect in terms of appearance and performance along with the price tag.

How much should a beginner spend on a sewing machine?

It depends on which type of sewing machine you are looking for. As a beginner, if you pick a mechanical or manual sewing machine, it should be between 60 to 100 dollars. However, a digital or electric machine starts from probably $150. Still, it depends on whether you want a beginner, professional, or commercial sewing machine.

Is sewing an expensive hobby?

In my opinion, sewing is an artistic and fun hobby that can be easily turned into a profitable earning profession. Well, it does not require much investment; all you need is a high-quality sewing machine and some other essentials, such as thread, scissors, fabric, needles, etc.

Which type of sewing machine is best for home use?

Singer Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine is found to be the best sewing machine for home use that offers an automatic buttonhole, multiple stitches, an integrated needle threader, and many other features to make your home sewing tasks easier.

Wrapping Up!

Picking a sewing machine with advanced features and exceptional performance on a limited budget is not an easy task, that’s why we enlisted some best sewing machines under 300 to help you find the most appropriate model for you. Each model on the list holds some unique feature that might fulfill your demands. Still, if you’re unable to decide which one to pick, here are some suggestions for you.

The most advanced and highest-end sewing and quilting machine is Singer 4452 Sewing Machine. This heavy-duty machine can sew leather, and canvas, and handles thin fabric delicately. It also offers some particular features to make your sewing tasks effortless.

If you want a cheaper sewing machine with the lowest price tag, go for Singer Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine. This product is made with metal material to make it long-lasting and delivers some astonishing executions. You can use this machine for sewing and quilting.

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