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10 Best Portable Handheld Sewing Machine Reviews 2022

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Are you tired of visiting the tailor for minor cloth repairs? Imagine having a staple gun in your hands and mending the tears and patches in your house. Well, for that you have to understand these nifty tools and choose the one for you.

These pocket-sized monsters are becoming trendier day by day. Because of their handy and compact size which easily fit the palm of your hand, these heavy duty handheld machines are the talk of the town, that can sew all type of fabric including leather stuff & canvas.

This is why we have made the list of the 10 best handheld sewing machines which will help you understand the pros and cons according to your needs. So even if you’re not a sewing enthusiast, you must go through the complete article because it is pointless to say you’ve never needed to repair any clothing or fabric in your house. Or you must check our detail information on How Does a Handheld Sewing Machine Work??

10 Best Mini Handheld Sewing Machine 2022

1. KPCB: Mini Sewing Machine

KPCB Mini Sewing MachineThis budget-saving sewing machine is perfect for beginners who are learning the basics. Since passing the Electrical Testing Labs test, KPCB Mini Handheld Sewing Machine has been titled as the perfect starter.

The most dominant feature is the upgraded eco-friendly material making it more promising. The machine is incorporated with many details for convenient sewing. One of them includes an extension table that is large enough to stabilize the machine. Another one is the cuff slot for sewing sleeves.

Moreover, it is incorporated with Automatic bobbin rewinding which, according to the consumers, determines the most popular sewing machine. Similarly, the KPCB sewing machine has a built-in pole and spool to easily replace the bobbins. There is also a built-in lamp to provide sufficient light and a thread cutter as well. There are two built-in speed selection levels.

Another bonus is the Foot Pedal Operation which allows you to control the speed using your foot. This gives a detailed and smooth finish to your products. The foot pedal also provides an option for the battery supply for outdoor use. This handheld manual leather sewing machine has a properly authenticated adapter as well that ensures safety.

The KPCB Mini Sewing Machine is designed for basic and simple sewing tasks as it only gives straight-line stitching. It is accessorized with 1 needle, 1 needle threader, 1 foot pedal, 1 UL Adapter, 4 bobbins and a user’s manual. This manual will help you to install and start the operation in no more than 15 minutes.

The KPCB is built suitable for fabrics like denim, hard silk, linen and cotton alike. Their prompt customer service is undeniable as they are always available to assist you. In case the machine malfunctions, customers get a 3 months guarantee.

  • This sewing machine is budget and beginner-friendly
  • It is a great starter with loads of accessories
  • It is a small machine with mighty power
  • The only downside is the lightweight because it tends to move sometimes when doing some tough patterns

Bottom Line

Overall, the KPCB Mini sewing machine gives a satisfactory performance for the price. I would recommend this machine for kids or elderly adults who want to do simple and easy sewing. It will be great for a family to do some sewing projects together.

2. Singer 01663 Mending Machine

Singer 01663 Stitch Sew Quick PortableBeing synonymous with sewing since 1851, Singer has been creating innovative machines for every level of sewers.  So that you can express yourself through the art of sewing.

As the name implies, the Singer 01663 Mending Machine is ideal for mini and quick repair tasks around your household tasks.  These tasks may include repairing the beddings and curtains. It is the best cordless, handheld, and portable sewing machine. This compact handheld sewing machine is extremely lightweight and highly portable.

The single thread feed makes SINGER 01663 perfect for quick repair. Hence it is best to be used on light fabrics. It is a mini portable battery-powered sewing machine allowing you to move freely while doing multiple repairing projects at the same time. So, the users are liberated from the cords with the AA batteries.

This best cordless sewing machine is equipped with a built-in power switch for you to safely work on household fabrics as well.       The accessories set includes bobbins, a threaded spindle, machine needles, a needle threader and a manual full of instructions.  This machine can be easily packed into a sewing kit or a bag.

  • This machine is extremely lightweight and compact
  • The cordless features make it portable
  • It comes with a number of accessories
  • The plastic body easily wears off

Bottom Line

To wrap it up, SINGER 01663 is awesome and gives primarily good results. This little tool works beautifully and does what it needs to do. So you won’t regret investing in such a handy machine.

3. Michley LSS-202 Sewing Machine

MICHLEY LSS-202 Lil Sewing MachineAlthough Michley LSS-202 lacks all the bells and whistles of its competing machines, it is still very good at its job. If you bear it with a little bit of patience, this ultra-compact machine will save you hours of struggle.

The LSS-202 may look like a toy but the reliability of this feature-rich machine will impress you. Being a great fit for teens and adult sewers, it brings out confidence in those who are reluctant to buy more expensive machines.

Although threading the machine can be quite nerve-wracking if you lack patience as the given manual is of no help in this regard. Still, this quality compact sewing machine is useful while handling small projects.

The machine is provided with extra portability. It is battery operated, but it can also run on U.S.A. voltage. Hence it is ideal for quick repairs. From silk to denim, it ensures smooth and easy sewing.

The double speed options are exciting to use as all you need is to press a button to speed up the momentum. This feature is not common in others of its kind. The drop-in bobbin makes the threading as well as thread rewinding easily possible.

In addition, it also comes with eight built-in stitches. Since you don’t have to switch the stitches manually, it saves you a lot of time. It is much more convenient to use, compact and requires no electricity to operate. It is not a full-sized machine however it does a better job than the regular stapler type.

  • It gives more stitching techniques
  • It comes with 42 piece accessories kit
  • It provides a 2-speed motor
  • It is very compact and safe to use
  • The bobbin is not fixed well and keep coming out of its place

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Michley LSS-202 sewing machine is for people who are always on the go and are consistently attached to their sewing projects. Even though the bobbin might frustrate you sometimes, you must not let it get into you. Because you don’t want to forget the other amazing features.

4. BuyFitCase 8113-2 Portable Sewing Machine

Buyfitcase provides its consumers with easy-to-use and compact sewing machines. This machine is compact and fulfils all your sewing requirements. It is built perfectly for onsite maintenance and emergency repaiBuyfitcase Portable Sewing Machinering.

The Buyfitcase 8113-2 sewing machine’s portability allows faster transportation while travelling. Besides, this electric household tool performs well for wool, silk, curtains and clothes. The user-friendly design allows a sewing thickness of 1.8mm for high functionality. There is also an adjustable mounting plate.

Compared to traditional machines, this mini cordless sewing machine is fast and cheap to maintain. With a 6V power supply, you can connect it to a flat edge using a single button. It becomes more convenient as the machine is also powered by 4 AA batteries. Hence providing you with extreme convenience and reliability.

This manual sewing machine is a monofilament machine which means that you have to tie it yourself otherwise the cord will fall off. It is made for almost every material within the thickness of 1.8mm, not more than that.

It is equipped with 4-thread set points and can be disassembled by a single button. Some of the accessories include scissors, tape, 2 needles, 9 spools, a long rod and a manual.

  • It is a low maintenance handheld sewing machine
  • It is budget-friendly, easy to use and portable
  • It is applicable to a number of fabrics
  • Since it is manual to operate, the speed can be a bit slow

Bottom Line

All in all, it is a perfect match for anyone looking for a time-saving device. Buyfitcase 8113-2 Portable sewing machine is an absolute win and it has a lot to offer. This single thread machine also has an electronic manual as well in case you need it.

5. Sew Mighty Handheld Sewing Machine

Sew Mighty Handheld Sewing MachineBuilt for on-the-go repairs, Sew Mighty cordless sewing machine is rugged, compact and portable. You can easily take it anywhere you want. It is slightly different from conventional desk machines in making certain types of difficult repairs.

The Sew Mighty sewing machine is a single stitch sewing machine with a sleek design. This compact machine is capable of sewing curtains in the pole and patching a torn pocket conveniently. So, instead of throwing away your damaged clothes or paying the tailor a large sum of money, you can use this machine simply.

The extension table is one of the highlights as it provides you with a large surface area. This extension table comes in handy because the machine itself is lightweight. The cuff notch allows you to create crafts on trousers and sleeves. It’s a perfect companion for children who are ready for the world of sewing.

Being ideal for instant fixes, Sew Mighty Handheld Sewing Machine does well with thick fabrics. This machine can handle 1.8mm thick seams easily. As a result, you can learn sewing at any age with the Sew Mighty Handheld machine. This tiny machine is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Another amazing feature is the automatic bobbin rewinding which comes with a built-in winding hole. It is a straightforward machine ready to be used right out of the box.

The accessories package includes 3 threaded bobbins, 1 needle threader, 1 replacement needle, 1 60” measuring tape and an instruction manual. It is powered by 4 AA batteries or you can also use an AC power adapter. However, these are not included in the sewing kit.

  • This machine is capable to handle multiple types of fabrics
  • It is an affordable machine with tons of accessories
  • It is compact and easily portable
  • The finishing of the stitches is not smooth

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Sew Mighty Handheld Sewing Machine does perfectly what it is supposed to do. Although it is not a high-end machine, you can still make a profit off of this machine by sewing masks and selling them.

6. SINGER Stitch Handheld Mending Machine

SINGER Stitch Quick Handheld Sewing MachineJust like its companion, SINGER Stitch Mending Machine is for both handheld and tabletop use. Embodied with a slim and ergonomic design, it provides a perfect blend of balance and control. Hence it is the most suitable for sewing and mending the projects on the run.

One significant feature is the safety switch to change modes. It can be toggled on and off to shift between handheld mode and tabletop mode. The machine is built with assorted sewing notions storage which includes threaded bobbins, needle, spindle, and a needle threader. All of these can be stashed in the built-in storage.

The SINGER Stitch machine is powered with 4 AA batteries. For better performance, remove the batteries if you are going to plug in the AC adapter. Also, make sure to give it a rest in between the usage.

This battery-operated machine is lightweight and robust. It deserves 5 stars because it is absolutely handy and easy to use. The re-threading is simple and quick with no difficulties. If you’re having trouble threading the needle’s eye, you can apply candle wax to the thread.

This compact sewing machine goes in one direction only. The package comes with bobbins, scrap cloth for practice, and a manual booklet.

  • It works great on curtains
  • It has built-in storage for multiple accessories
  • It is cordless with an ergonomic design
  • It may take a couple of hours in getting the machine to cooperate

Bottom Line

The SINGER Stitch handheld mending machine is an all-rounder product. While it can go a little fast for some beginners, you can take control of it after a few practices.

7. CENGOY 32465 Handheld Sewing Machine

CENGOY Portable Handheld Sewing MachineBeing a versatile, stapler miniature sewing unit, CENGOY is not substantial which means you can easily carry it around. This machine can operate on batteries as well as electricity. It can be powered with either a single DC 6V power adaptor or 4 AA batteries.

Built with sustainable alternative plastic, you are able to effortlessly move to the hem in parallel. This user and beginner-friendly machine have a rapid yet controllable operation. This implies that it is able to repair and craft the projects.

This mini portable sewing machine is made for house chores. You can use it to mend tears and rips on your garments. Several types of fabrics are compatible with this machine-like silk, leather less than 1.8mm thick, cotton, and wool.

As if that’s not enough, you can sew different patches using this handheld sewing machine. Whether you keep this machine at the office or at home, it will give you high-quality performance in half the time.

Incorporated with the ABS material, you can do DIY projects with your kids as well. It also has tightening and adjustable speed operation making it the best stapler portable tool.

Unlike many other devices, it is quiet and will perform smoothly without disturbing others. There is thread control and rotating wheel adjustment for precise stitching. It comes with bobbins, thread, 2 sewing needles, a needle threader, and scissors. The power supply is not included.

  • It’s so quiet and compact
  • It is capable to adjust the stitch tautness
  • It is a pre-threaded machine
  • It weighs 0.63lbs
  • The threading process can be a headache

Bottom Line

Overall, CENGOY is the best machine that allows you to be more focused during a task. It fulfils the repairing and alteration requirements of the users. Also, it gives smooth and seamless stitches.

8. PettaAiu Mini Cordless Sewing Machine

PettaAiu Mini Cordless Sewing MachinePettaAiu Mini Cordless sewing machine is simple to use and easy to operate. This multi-purpose sewing machine has a perfect portable design which is very convenient to carry around.

Every crafter and seamstress has fallen for its ergonomic design that solves all your sewing problems in an instant. These problems may arise from a sudden thread disconnection. Hence it is a good helper.

This mini cordless sewing machine is suitable for a wide range of garments including pants, curtains, wall hangings, t-shirts, and jeans. Children can also create DIY masterpieces and have more fun in their lives.

Furthermore, it is powered with 4 AA batteries. To operate after the adjustment, align the machine quickly to the flat edge and it will start moving automatically. Since it is battery operated, you can use it anywhere, anytime.

To adjust the thread tension, move the tension control slightly. If the stitches are too tight, turn the control to the left. And if the stitches are too loose, turn the control slightly to the right.

You can also take off the bobbin and install a normal thread spool by sliding it onto the extension spindle. Just like that, installing the needle is also really easy. But you may have to tie the finishing knot yourself because it is a single thread sewing machine.

  • It is easy to use and works well for the beginners
  • It is a perfect mini device for fall projects
  • It is travel friendly
  • Some consumers complain it does not work long enough

Bottom Line

PettaAiu Mini cordless sewing machine is a perfect, quick stitch tool. It has extremely lightweight of 7.7ounces which makes it suitable to be used while travelling. So if you’re looking forward to buying an affordable mini sewing machine, this one’s for you.

9. PiAEK Portable Sewing Machine

PiAEK Portable Sewing MachineThis bright-coloured, handheld sewing machine is widely used. PiAEK Portable sewing machine makes sewing on the road or at the home possible. Weighing 11.7 ounces, it is slightly heavier than others in this list but still, it is a lightweight machine.

Just like the above-mentioned machines, it is completely portable and operates on 4 AA batteries. You can use these batteries for the power supply or you can use direct current as well. Hence you get to choose the way you want. After plugging in the power, all you need to do is press the button to start the machine.

In addition, it is named as a good helper by its users. It is an ideal gift for mothers or friends who are sewing enthusiasts. You can either stitch hems or seams with this ergonomically designed machine.

It is a good choice for beginners to exercise their hands-on ability. It is also accompanied by a nice kit of accessories including safety pins, needle threader, measuring tape and a lot more.

  • It comes with loads of accessories
  • It is slightly heavier which means that it remains fixed in its position
  • It has 2 power modes
  • The user manual is not well-instructing

Bottom Line

Consequently, we can say that PiAEK Portable Sewing Machine stands strong in this competing list. This machine makes sewing easier for everyone, especially beginners.

10. Tchrules Quick Repairing Sewing Machine

Tchrules Quick Repairing Sewing MachineTchrules sewing machine is a 22-piece mini cordless sewing machine. These 22 accessory pieces are included in the conventional kit. It comes in a wide range of multiple colours including black, white, red and purple.

Manufactured with quality plastic, it is lightweight and portable. The dimensions of this sewing machine are 21×6.5×3.5cm by 8.27×2.56×1.38 inches. You will find using this universal sewing machine way easier than a needle.

It is pre-threaded and easy to use. So you don’t really have to have sewing experience to use this machine. As long as you want, there are no restrictions on the applications as it is made for clothing, curtains, hem, silk, pillow covers, lunch bags, shopping bags and tablecloths.

First, buy a battery and then operate it simply by reading the manual instructions. The package includes a conventional kit, measuring tape, scissors, 10 paper clips, 6 spools, and 1 user manual.

  • It is lightweight and compact
  • It is durable and can be a great gift as well
  • The conventional kit includes stone of accessories
  • Some users find it hard to hem the pants


Tchrules Quick Repairing sewing machine is great for on the spot fixes and reasonable for its given price. Professionals will find it quick to adjust, even the novices find it user-friendly.

How to Choose the Best Handheld Sewing Machines

Sewing is an artistic profession so you must be fully aware to create a masterpiece. There are certain factors that need to be considered before you set out in the market. Hence, if you want to make a purchase, try following the below guide and take measured steps.

Portability of the machine

Obviously, we are talking about handheld repairing sewing machines. Therefore portability is an important factor. Lightweight and compact are the prerequisites for a good handheld mending machine. It should easily fit in the palm and be manageable. The dimension and the weight of the machine are important to determine portability.

If you travel frequently, you may need a machine to make rapid repairs on the go. Better look for a model that can easily fit into your bag, instead of being a headache.
Moreover, if you want to sew leather shoes , bags, and other accessories at industrial level than must check and pick best sewing machine for leather!


If you want to carry it around, you probably don’t want the machine to be heavy. Usually, handheld machines are designed to be lightweight and compact. This means that you won’t really have a problem transporting any of the handheld sewing machines listed above. Nonetheless, you still need to consider the weight of the unit before buying it.


Most of these machines are either battery-operated or cordless. For this reason, make sure to consider a battery-powered machine that lasts longer especially if you are travelling. You can always go for an adopter-powered sewing machine as well.

Sewing speed

Whether you’re buying a handheld sewing machine or a heavy-duty machine, sewing speed is the factor no one ignores. The fast sewing speed is advisable for experts who spend hours sewing. In contrast, it is not a good option for beginners as fast speed may not bring desirable results.

Included accessories

The best sewing machines should include a range of accessories to facilitate their customers. These accessories may be bobbins, needles, and scissors, measuring tape, practising fabric, threads etc. the purpose is to save customers from the ventures of going out in the market and spending money on the most basic functions.

Grip and support

An ergonomic design is important to provide enough support for proper functioning. This will help you to maintain stability while doing any repairs. This will also deliver smooth and the best stitches. Hence you can work on sleeves without needing any extra support.


These handheld machines are used mostly on the go. Hence it is important to consider the build of these machines. The idea is to get a sense of reliability and durability. Plastic exteriors should be avoided and metal bodies should be preferred.

Fabric compatible

Although handheld machines are not meant for regular sewing projects, consumers still expect to be able to work with multiple fabrics. The aforementioned machines are compatible with a variety of different fabrics, all of them are thinner and lightweight.


How thick of material can a sewing machine handle?

The thickness of the fabric compatible with the sewing machine differs based on the type of machine. If you are using a regular, domestic sewing machine, the fabric material must be less than 3.2mm. In the case of portable handheld sewing machines, you can use materials up to 1.8mm thick.

Which handheld sewing machine is best?

There are many great options out there that are sometimes overwhelming. According to veterans, SINGER 01163 is the best handheld sewing machine. This is mainly because it is both lightweight and portable. Also, it is ideal for small repairing jobs and small embroidery projects.

Do handheld sewing machines do zig zag?

No, handheld sewing machines are not designed with zig-zag stitching patterns. Although it is a simple and strong stitch, the majority of handheld sewing machines lack these stitch patterns. The handheld portable sewing machine provides a straight stitch that is entirely meant for mending purposes.

Can a handheld sewing machine sew leather?

Of Course, a handheld sewing machine can sew leather. Handheld sewing machines are often under-estimated but they are a great and affordable option. The fabric thickness limit for these machines is up to 1.8mm which means that leather and denim are compatible fabrics.

Can you hem pants with a handheld sewing machine?

With the help of handheld sewing machines, you can easily hem those pants. If you practice on a few pairs of pants, you will be able to create a perfect hem in no time. A straight stitch is enough to create a hem in your pants and make them a perfect fit.

How does a handheld sewing machine work?

Just like a regular sewing machine, handheld sewing machines have a rotary wheel and a bobbin rewind. These machines are flexible to use. To start off, place the batteries first into the machine. Then set up the bobbin and afterwards thread the needle of your handheld sewing machine. And voila! It is ready to use.

How to repair a handheld sewing machine?

A handheld sewing machine only requires a single thread feed from the bobbin. If the bobbin needs to be fixed, you can use the spindle and a spring that comes with it.  Make sure to thread the bobbin before loading it.

Wrapping Up!

This is our rundown of the best handheld sewing machines out there. To present this brilliant piece of engineering, a number of features must be brought together. These features make it possible to name the handheld machines a must-have tool in everyone’s arsenal.

If you are able to invest in a sewing machine that meets your specifications, you are good to go. This article brings and compares together the functionalities and features of some of the best options out there to give you a clear insight in this regard.

I’d say a best quality handheld sewing machine is a must-have as it covers all the sewing basics. The above-mentioned brands are a blessing in disguise and based on key factors to make for a perfect sewing machine. After carefully measuring the pros and cons, would you be able to choose the perfect sewing machine.

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