Singer Simple Sewing Machine 3232

Singer Sewing Machine 3232 Review

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Company Overview

With the spirit of innovation and sheer performance, the company continues its legacy of developing reliable products for all level of entities. Singer a world renowned company having millions of loyal customers around the globe owing to its trustworthy image.


The singer 3232 is a simple and compact sewing machine, loaded with limited but essential elements. The interior is made of heavy-duty aluminum frame which is light in weight but sturdy. It helps you to get skip-free sewing for any kind of stuff. With just proper maintenance, it will be your life time companion. The body looks sophisticated in two tone color i.e. white and lavender.


  • Weight: 12.2 lbs
  • Dimensions: 15 x 7.5 x 12 inches
  • Stitches: 32 built-in stitches
  • Speed: 750 stitches
  • Computerized/Mechanic: Mechanic
  • Bobbin: Front-loading bobbin
  • Warranty: 25-year warranty



  • Singer 3232 Button Hole FootMultipurpose & zipper Foot
  • Buttonhole sewing Foot
  • Seam Ripper having Lint Brush
  • Edge/Quilting Guide
  • Needles
  • Thread Spool Caps
  • Bobbins (Class 15)
  • Screwdriver
  • Darning Plate
  • Soft-Sided Dust Cover
  • Machine Intro DVD
  • Instruction Manual with Stitch Guide
  • Foot Control system
  • Long Power Cord


With features like 32 built-in stitches, a built-in 1-step buttonhole, built-in needle threader and a solid metal body, it is really easy and fun to make different kinds of creative projects. From styles to modest work, from handouts to skill articles, all it is possible with 110 stitch applications. Combination of these tools offer great customization option for all kind of stuff.

Front-Loading Bobbin

The front-loading bobbin make it easy to access the bobbin while removing the box from the front side and open the door to approach the bobbin.

It will be more convenient when the thread be used up, or you got an issue with the bobbin and want to fix it by just open the compartment.

Automatic Needle Threader

Automatic Needle ThreaderThe best part of this machine is an automatic needle threader. No need to focusing the thread, whether it passes through the needle’s hole or not. It will do it by itself.

All you have to do is to elevate the needle to the top place, hold down the lever adjacent to needle. Proceed the thread into the thread guide.

Now bring the thread in front of the needle and nearby the hook, then disengage the lever. Lastly, pull the thread through the eye of the needle, now you are all done.

Automatic Reverse Sewing

If you want to strengthen your stitching, simply press the automatic reverse button. Singer has added this feature to speed up your sewing task by doing it in reverse pattern.

Sewing Speed

The machine is also capable of doing large projects with the sewing speed of 750- stitches/minute.

High Pressure Foot Lifter

This small budgeted machine can also stitch numerous layers of dense stuff. This can be done by raising the presser foot lifter to upper point.

Simple Stitch Selection

For your ease, all the different pattern of stitches are clearly located on one big dial. To select any stitch, just turn the dial to a stitch that you want to adopt for your particular task.

Automatic 1-Step Buttonhole

This is an advance sewing feature that provide consistency in your every project. It means that machine will make exactly the same size buttonhole for the button as it did for the last one. It gives professional touch to your stitching.

Adjustable Stitch Length and Width

Offering more flexible option for your stitching. You can customize the length and width of stitching according to the particular need. To select length, rotate the dial, located at the top right side of machine. On the upper side of machine, you can see a small dial for width selection.

Adjacent to this, a tension dial is use to tightened or loosened the thread by rotating left and right to increase or decrease the numbers. Make sure that thread sits correctly between tension discs, when you are threading, otherwise the machine will not sew properly.



Even if you are a learner, you will enjoy the sewing with variety of stitching tasks.

From necessity to novelty, it fulfill all the basic sewing projects, no need to get another



For professionals, it might not be enough to get all the sewing requirements with this littler master. But with the Built-in 32 stitches, it offers great versatility for the basic sewing. 6 essential Stitches for the purpose of Core stitches of construction and mending. Six stretch stitches are specially designed to move with your fabric. To make special details on the project, you have 19 decorative stitches available. With fully automatic 1-step buttonhole you get professional touch in your sewing job.

Compact and Lightweight

You don’t need to look for a large space to accommodate this compact machine. It

can be adjusted on a small table. The combination of aluminum and plastic, make this

machine light weight and robust.

Easy to Use

Don’t worry if you are a new user or beginner, once you set the machine according to your need, it will be easy to operate. You just need to use the foot pedal and guide the stuff through the machine. A reverse sewing function is use to secure a stitch. The built-in thread cutter make it easier to sew without interruption. It works very smooth, you will never feel any stress while doing sewing for long time.


With lots of advance features and heavy duty structure, one can easily guess the estimated

Price for this practical tool. But hold on, it just worth Rs 100$ on amazon.


Limited Features

If you are an enthusiast or professional, this machine is not for you. In such price range you can expect the limitations and performance level of this machine.

It can offer variety of sewing jobs but at the end, it will disappoint you, if you are doing large scale sewing projects.

Bobbin problem

Sometimes your strength turns into week point. Same case goes with the bobbin. Since there is front loading bobbing, if any issue/problem occurs, it will be difficult to troubleshoot.

Since this is primarily a sewing machine for beginners, it’s unfortunate that a primary feature will likely lead to frustration.


The machine found a bit noisy, not as much to disturb you a lot but if you turn it on at night time, it might be annoying for your roommate.

Wrapping Up

The singer 3232 is a budget friendly sewing machine for beginners. It may not be great for all kind of users. With built-in 32 stitches, the focus is on primary sewing functions. It is not built for heavy-duty and large scale tasks.

So if you want a simple, powerful and reliable machine with essential sewing options for everyday tasks, this is the one that you should grab. The front loading bobbin may be a issue for learners, don’t forget that practice make a man perfect. You will be used to after spending enough time with this machine.

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