Best Manual Leather Sewing Machine

9 Best Manual Leather Sewing Machine [Reviews 2023]

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Are you a beginner willing to own a manual leather sewing machine? Or are you an expert planning to switch to a hand-operated machine? Well, after researching and testing many sewing machines from different brands we picked the best manual leather sewing machine.

Best manual sewing machines have long been considered the workhorse of the sewing industry. They can be used by beginners and experts alike. The traditional type is comprised of only one moving component and features an upright handle and foot pedal control, and a needle that goes all the way through the material.

This type of sewing machine is designed for the beginner, as it’s generally thought that it’s easier to control, and the stitches are also very basic.

Must have a look at our top recommendations for the best leather sewing machine, the best sewing machines under $300, and the best handheld sewing machine.

Set Up a Leather Sewing Machine

Leather belongs to the family of tough fabrics since you can not pin it or iron it. Depending on the type of machine, it can get tricky sometimes to set up a sewing machine.

Unlike those automatic threading machines, you will also need to thread your manual leather sewing machine. You may also like to check our thorough researched comparison of mechanical vs computerized sewing machines.

  • First, you need to install the sharpest needle which is quite easy. Make sure it is firmly in place.
  • Next, you have to load the bobbins by using either your hands or the machine.
  • Put it in the case and then install this pre-threaded bobbin in its place.

9 Best Manual Leather Sewing Machines [2023]

Our Top Choice

ECO-WORTHY Sewing Machines for Leather



  • sew various fabrics
  • Sew in all directions
  • Smooth and efficient performance
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Pumplus Leather Sewing Machines



  • 48-piece leather accessories
  • 20 designs for printing
  • Professional leather tool kit
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FamYun Hand Cobbler Shoe Repair Machine



  • Max sewing thickness is 5mm
  • Easy to assemble
  • Free arm for hard-to-reach places
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YUEWO Leather Hand Shoe Repair Machine YUEWO


  • high efficiency with no noise
  • Fast stitching shoes
  • Sew dual cotton nylon line
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ColouredPeas The New Cobbler Machine ColouredPeas


  • Manual processing technology
  • High-quality bobbins
  • Suitable for shoes, bags, purses
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Seeutek Shoe Repair Machine Seeutek


  • For various leather goods
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Turnable and controlled foot
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IRONWALLS Leather Sewing Machine



  • Easy to assemble
  • Can rotate up to 360 degree
  • Economical
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ZXMOTO Leather Sewing Machine



  • 5mm sewing thickness
  • Semi-automatic
  • Works smoothly
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INTBUYING Cobbler Sewing Machine



  • Long life span and high efficiency
  • User-friendly bobbin
  • Can sew nylon and cotton wire
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1. Eco-Worthy: Hand Crank Leather Sewing Machine

ECO-WORTHY Sewing Machines for Leather Hand Stitching MachineOne of the greatest industrial leather sewing machines on the market is the Eco-Worthy machine. It is a dependable sewing machine that can make anything from a pant to a pair of fashionable high-heeled shoes. This device can sew through various layers and creates high-quality patterns.

The machine comes with a walking foot, which not only performs well but also allows you to stitch in any position. All you need is to move your foot, which makes this item extremely useful. Setting up this instrument is also simple, so you’ll be able to complete it all by yourself. Because the procedure does not take a lot of time or energy, you can now get started right away.

Moreover, this is a machine made entirely of metal. Therefore, you shouldn’t be concerned about it being damaged because it was designed to last for a good number of years.

As the name suggests, it is an eco-friendly machine that includes a lubrication oil that makes dealing with any type of material much easier. This oil must be applied before each use. The cheery on top is the exceptional packaging as it includes additional protective foam and an inventive thick carton. As a result, even if the machine falls, it will not be damaged.

  •  A walking foot is included
  • The machine has a sturdy metal construction
  • It is easy to set up
  • The outer body can rust easily
Our Findings
Eco-worthy sewing machine is a perfect option for you if you intend to work with heavy items frequently. Because Eco-Worthy is a bulky machine, it cannot be used as a compact sewing machine. It’s a quiet machine, so you can work quietly while stitching, making it one of the best hand-operated machines on our list.

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2. Pumplus: Handheld Leather Sewing Machine

Pumplus Leather Sewing Machines Hand Stitching Machine CobblerAre you seeking a manual leather machine that can repair a variety of fabrics with less effort? Then there’s this Pumplus handheld machine, which can mend and sew everything from fabric to leather boots.

One of the most appealing features of the Pumplus Sewing Machine is that it produces little noise when in use, making it environment-friendly. Consequently, you would not only achieve top productivity, but you will also be prepared to operate in a quiet setting.

Owing to its sewing arm, the Pumplus machine is regarded as one of the finest in its class. This machine is able to reach every nook and cranny of any masterpiece whether it is a leather handbag or a shoe. Hence it allows you to work on certain intricate patterns. This machine uses conventional sewing needles, making it simple for any leather stitching to manage.

Because of the solid metal structure, you can deal with woven fabrics without fretting about shaking or vibrations. This is the equipment for you if you’re seeking a device that will let you create and mend some amazing shoes and clothing while also lasting a lifetime.

In addition to that, installing this hand-operated machine is also simple. The operations are straightforward, and you won’t need to spend much time with the device to grasp basic tasks. The aesthetics of the machine also make it easy and ideal for long work hours.

Lastly, this model comes packed with accessories. There are 48 items in all that is pertinent to stitching with leather. They work together to elevate their sewing expertise with this instrument.

  • Quiet working
  • The machine has long-lasting construction
  • The arm can reach difficult areas
  • Thread can easily break while sewing
Our Findings
This machine is generally preferred for its excellent accuracy and precise operation, as well as its low maintenance and optimal production. The model generates exquisite seams of a high standard that will never disappoint you. It is a piece of industrial-scale equipment capable of handling large projects at a constant rate.

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3. FamYun: Manual Leather Stitching Machine

FamYun Hand Cobbler Shoe Repair MachineThose looking for a low-cost, hand-operated sewing machine frequently choose this model from FawYun. You can stitch leather, rubber, and other comparable materials with amazing stitching performance in addition to shoes with this equipment.

The machine has tripod support and measures 24.2 pounds. It is a long-lasting, sturdy, and durable item built of high-quality metal. If you desire something vibrant and lively, this sewing machine exists in a range of hues.

Since the walking foot can stitch in any orientation and can spin 360 degrees, this makes sewing a breeze without having to change or move the cloth every time. You can also easily reach the material’s complicated spaces and bends. You will never be dissatisfied with the stitching quality.

This is a basic and straightforward vintage machine for leather. To set this up and operate it, you don’t have to comb your hair out. You must, however, take very good care of it.

With the equipment, the manufacturer includes a bottle of lubrication oil. This will guarantee that the unit runs smoothly and that the strain on the needle is reduced.

  • It is durable and sturdy
  • The machine has 360 degrees rotatable walking foot
  • It can be used with a variety of fabrics
  • The needle must be changed for thick leather
Our Findings
Overall, the FamYun is an excellent model for newcomers. If you choose to buy this sewing machine design, you will undoubtedly be getting a well-made and long-lasting product. You will also create a wide range of projects with various lines while working on this machine.

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4. YUEWO: Inexpensive Leather Sewing Machine

YUEWO Leather Hand Shoe Repair MachineYUEWO is a reliable manual sewing machine that is simple to set up and operate. It boasts a tough design suitable for professional use and requires very little upkeep. In order to sew various textiles, you might have to switch needles, but the outcomes are always worth the hassle.

Essentially, the machine features a simple and basic design. This machine is very silent and takes up almost no room. This machine can work with a wide range of textiles and can easily slide through even the toughest leathers.

Flat shoes, socks, overcoats, leather tablecloths, and other goods that require a leather sewing machine are among the items that may be created using this equipment. The YUEWO sewing machine has the advantage of not requiring frequent needle replacements.

With the needle that comes with it, you can sew practically anything. Additionally, this unit includes a lubrication oil that smooths out its operation and allows you to work with many sheets and thick materials with ease.

  • It can sew thick materials easily
  • YUEWO is ideal for making shoes
  • It gives a silent operation
  • The thread stand is not very durable
Our Findings
This Yuewo manual sewing machine is made of sturdy iron metal, so you can expect it to survive a long time. You will not be dissatisfied whether you purchase this for business or DIY uses. It is a perfect partner that ensures maximum efficiency and longevity.

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5. ColouredPeas: Leather Hand Sewing Machine

ColouredPeas The New (8 -Bearings) Cobbler MachineColouredPeas Manual Sewing Machine’s creator takes tremendous pleasure in their work. This leather hand-sewing machine is built of robust aluminum alloy that is both sturdy and long-lasting. Before entering the shop, ColouredPeas ensures that every device has been thoroughly tested.

You can easily sew a leather wallet, jacket, belt, and much more without any trouble.

Many people avoid ordering sewing machines available on the internet because the process of forming them may be complicated and time-consuming. However, if you get the ColouredPeas sewing machine, you will discover that it has a simple assembly process. The machine includes instructions, and the procedure is straightforward and non-complicated.

To top it off, the device is small and petite at 24 pounds, making it one of the best cheap leather sewing machines on our radar. The accessories include nylon, needles, and a tripod mount, all of which are essential leather sewing supplies. Furthermore, the needle spacing is 6mm, which increases the machine’s efficiency.

  • The machine is sturdy and durable
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Handmade to perfection
  • It includes a wide range of accessories
  • It requires extensive maintenance
Our Findings
This model is among the best hand-operated leather stitching machines on the market. It is long-lasting and resilient, and we ensure that you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

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6. Seeutek: Best Sewing Machine for Shoes

Seeutek Shoe Repair Machine Hand Cobbler Sewing MachineThis Seeutek leather goods machine is a low-cost machine with high dependability and usefulness. The machine can stitch a variety of materials, including stilettos, leather boots, leather handbags, trousers, fabric, and other leather goods, using nylon or cotton wiring.

The modest and simple design takes up minimal room and has a reasonable height, making it ideal for regular usage at homes. The walking foot works fantastically, and customers can get a good sense of the machine’s power and precision.

The spacing between both the shoe and the sewing machine’s needles may be adjusted, and the total width is around 6mm. By twisting the foot, you can stitch in any position. The arm enables you to access numerous footwears where many other machines are unable to.

  • Made with robust iron
  • It can stitch through thick leather easily
  • The user’s manual is not very comprehensive
Our Findings
The Seeutek sewing machine will be your savior, if you are looking for a top-notch manual sewing machine, without spending a fortune. With an extensive warranty and customer service, your investment will surely be worth it.

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7. IronWalls: Leather Working Machine

IRONWALLS Leather Sewing MachineIt can be tough to find a heavy-duty but economical cobbler machine, but here’s a professional manual sewing machine from Iron Walls that are built with iron and works quietly.

The foot and needle can be turned up to 360 degrees, which makes the model distinctive. You can also easily modify the stitch length, making it quite useful.

That isn’t all, though. Due to its manual feature, you can also manage the machine’s pace and comprehend the precision and intensity of the machine’s operation. These features make it a breeze to work with.

Furthermore, you will be able to set things up on your own without devoting a good deal of time to it. And even before you start working, all you must do is lubricate parts with some oil.

  • There is no noise while working
  • It gives an adjustable speed
  • Made with high-quality iron
  • Some parts of the machine are not of good quality
Our Findings
The Iron Walls sewing machine is one of the safest bets if you need a durable model with all the essential components. It works exceptionally well with leather and is one of the finest manual sewing machines indeed.

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8. ZXMOTO: Sewing Machine to Sew Leather Handbags

ZXMOTO Leather Sewing MachineThis machine from ZXMOTO was designed with experts in mind. As a result, if you purchase this machine, you will never need to visit a cobbler or an artisan. It will provide a clean consistency to your shoes and handbags. It’s also versatile, as it can work with a variety of materials.

Regardless of what fabric your shoes or clothes are made of, this device always has your back. It has a 5mm sewing thickness ability.

Furthermore, this machine seems to have a lovely appearance; the base is black and silver, which looks fantastic, and the machine may easily be used as a decorative item. Make sure to use the machine on a routine basis; this will boost its sturdiness and make the equipment last longer.

Running at least once a day, can maintain the smooth operation of the machine and avoid dull operation due to a long time not being used.
  • It is easy to operate
  • It comes with a simple instruction guide
  • No added accessories
Our Findings
Machine enthusiasts who would like to take their work to the next level will love the ZXMOTO. This machine will have you finishing jobs in record time owing to its convenient functions and quick sewing pace.

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9. INTBUYING: Leather Cobbler Sewing Machine

INTBUYING Cobbler Sewing Machine Manual Leather Cobbler Shoe Repair MachineThis model from INTBUYING is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a reliable manual sewing machine at a fair price. This sewing machine is simple to assemble and takes only a few moments.

The modest and simple design takes up little room and has a reasonable height, making it ideal for everyday usage at home. Moreover, the machine is solid and robust. It has a longer lifespan and works at a higher capacity with no noise.

It does not require electricity and may be used anywhere. The frame and body can be dismantled and reassembled with ease, and they may be moved around freely, to make all your sewing tasks a breeze.

This machine has an adjustable foot. By twisting the foot, you can stitch in any orientation. Using the walking foot, users may get a good sense of the machine’s power and accuracy. Finally, the arm enables you to enter numerous shoes where many other machines are unable to, making this device a hit!

  • It is User friendly
  • Provides Noise-free operation
  • The machine can rust after a few uses
Our Findings
The INTBUYING manual sewing machine may be worth striving for if you want a walking foot sewing machine with all the accessories. It is suitable for beginners as well as advanced sewing enthusiasts alike.

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How to use a manual sewing machine?

A sewing machine can be totally overwhelming if you don’t know how to use it properly. Just like automatic sewing machines, you also need to understand manual sewing machines for better results. For this purpose, first, you need to understand the different parts of the machine. Then by following the manual guide, learn how to use the rotary wheel and change the needles. This will help you a lot in terms of starting your first project.

Are manual sewing machines good?

When it comes to choosing between manual and automatic sewing machines, it comes down to your needs. Manual sewing machines may not be used at the industrial level, but they are still in wide use and possess many benefits. These machines are a perfect fit for those having unreliable electricity sources. Hence, you will save time, power, and electricity by switching to manual.

These machines are also heavy-duty with cheap servicing required. The spare parts are available at a reasonable price. These are constructed with sturdy materials. Hence lasting for decades.

These hand-operated or feet-operated sewing machines depend entirely on your physical power. So you should fix the machine with an external electric motor making you able to operate the machine with a turn-off and on the button.

Is hand-stitched leather better?

Hand-stitched leather is generally considered to be of higher quality than machine-stitched leather because it is more durable and has a more attractive, handmade appearance. Hand-stitching also allows for more precise stitching and control over the finished product.

However, it depends on the leather quality and the craftsmanship of the person who is stitching it. But if you want to make your work quicker then machine stitching is the best option to go for.

Can I use a regular sewing machine to sew leather?

It is possible to use a regular sewing machine to sew leather, but it can be difficult and may require some adjustments to the machine. Leather is a thick and heavy material, and a regular sewing machine may not be able to handle it. Specialty leather needles, a thicker thread, and possibly even a walking foot attachment may be needed to properly sew leather on a regular sewing machine.

It is also important to note that leather is very slippery, so it may be difficult to keep it in place while sewing. If you’re not familiar with leather sewing, it may be best to take a class or try a small project before tackling a larger one.

Wrapping Up!

When choosing the best manual leather sewing machine in this list, you must jot down the pros and cons of each machine. This will help you to know which machine fits well to your standards.  Although finding a good sewing machine can be highly difficult, make sure to always consider your budget as well. This is because these machines can be expensive sometimes. This will help you go for the one that plays to your strengths.

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