How Does a Handheld Sewing Machine Work

How Does a Handheld Sewing Machine Work?

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Nowadays, you don’t need to pick up some big-sized and bulky sewing machines for regular sewing chores. Besides all, a handheld sewing machine is a best and affordable solution for you. For regular but minute stitching work, using a handheld sewer is an ideal option for all. 

Isn’t it good that you find a compact device to fix your small stitches? Yes, it’s wonderful. In our opinion, handheld sewing machines are very lightweight, cost-efficient, easy-to-use, and most importantly, you can use them anywhere, anytime. 

However, a question arises here, how does a handheld sewing machine work, or how can we use a handheld sewing machine? It’s a hot topic, especially for beginners who want to learn stitching from handheld sewing machines. Don’t Worry! You are at the perfect spot. This guide is all about giving you all the necessary details of getting started with sewing machines. Let’s begin!

What’s a Handheld Sewing Machine?

As the name suggests, a handheld sewing machine is a handy sewing machine. In simple words, it’s a compact, small-sized, portable battery-operated device for making regular household stitches. It’s easy to carry anywhere because of its ergonomic design. A handheld sewing machine is helpful when you need quick and straightforward stitching work. 

In our experience, the best sewing kit helps make Barbie doll clothes, curtains, and more. However, stitching with a mini handheld sewing machine is not a piece of cake until you know the accurate procedure. You need to set up the bobbin and one single thread, and sometimes you also need to repair handheld sewing machine. So, let’s move on to the main topic; how to use handheld sewing machine? Or how to thread handheld sewing machine?

Working of A Handheld Sewing Machine (A

Step-by-Step Guide)

It is a well-known fact that the best handheld sewing machine for tailoring or making clothes are flexible, convenient, and durable for everyone. Follow the steps mentioned below, which will tell you about the working of handheld sewing machines. 

Battery Loading

Almost all the digital handheld sewing machines and handheld sewing machine for denim are battery operated. So, it’s necessary to load the batteries first. Remember that the batteries’ number and power (mAh) may vary depending on the brand and internal circuitry. Usually, such machines use AA-type batteries. All you need to do is to insert the batteries, and all is good to go. Once you set the batteries up, your machine is ready for use.

Here we want to share an important tip with you. It is recommended to read about the safety and locking system of that machine from the instructional manual. Don’t get started without reading. The reason is that you will be aware of all the safety precautions and other necessary tasks before getting started. It will surely help you out when you make curtains.

Setting up the Bobbin

A bobbin is the most important part of a sewing machine because it runs the thread into the fabric made from different materials. The bobbin needs to be fixed within a small pin to work properly. You can read the guide for fixing the bobbin because each machine has a different phenomenon. It is the drawback of manual handheld sewing machines that you have to do this manually. 

Well, you will find a tiny spring in the bobbin; make sure the spring is in its right place and will not fall apart. Check the bobbin by spinning it and attaching it to the machine. 


After completion of the first two tasks mentioned above, you have to thread the needle. Make sure you have passed the thread from bottom to top by following the instructions in the guide. After that, adjust the tension discs with the help of dedicated knobs to sit the thread down between the discs. 

Next, the machine is ready to stitch because you have finished setting up all the things. The threading of the sunbeam handheld sewing machine also goes the same. You can also buy a needle threader to make threading the needle easy. 

Start Stitching

It is time to start the stitching with your best sewing machine for making clothes because it is ready to perform its job. Before starting the machine, make sure everything is safe and in its right place. Check the security locks and take all the precautions mentioned in the instructional manual. Now, keep the cloth on the machine and enjoy easy stitching. 

The steps mentioned above tell you all the information about the working of the handheld sewing machines. The machine will not stitch until you set up all the parameters correctly. 


Does a handheld sewing machine work?

Yes, handheld sewing machines are versatile, convenient, and good options for minor repairs at home. 

How do you use a handheld sewing machine?

Using a handheld sewing machine is pretty easy and simple. You just need to follow the steps mentioned in the guide, and it’s all done. For example, inserting batteries, setting up the bobbin, threading the needle, and starting stitching. 

What is a handheld sewing machine and its application?

A handheld sewing machine is a small-sized and convenient device. It is usually used for making instant stitches anywhere, anytime. 

Can a handheld sewing machine sew jeans?

It depends on the jeans stuff. If your jeans cloth is not much thicker, you can make stitches with a handheld sewing machine and vice versa. 

How do you load a handheld sewing machine?

Loading a handheld machine is simple and easy. Just load the batteries, attach the thread, and it’s all done.

Bottom Line

Working on a handheld sewing machine is pretty easy. You need to set up all the necessary things, such as setting up the bobbin, loading the batteries, threading the needle, and so on. Here another important thing is necessary to mention. Don’t confuse handheld and mini sewing machines. You can also say the handheld sewing machine is a mini sewing machine because of its compact size. However, mini sewing machines are also available in the market that you can use for big sewing projects. Likewise, handheld sewing machines are suitable for everything mending and stitching repair jobs at home. 

The handheld sewing machines can also work as a sewing machine for advanced sewers and are good, portable, and a great option for all. So, it was all about the working of a handheld sewing machine. We assure you will find the information mentioned above helpful. 

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