How to Fix Ripped Leather Couch

How to Fix Ripped Leather Couch | Complete Guide to Fix Tears and Holes

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A leather couch is so cozy that everyone wants to have one in their home or office. Replacing a leather couch is not an economical option if it gets ripped. Getting the services of a professional also costs high, so it is also not a good idea. No worries, we are here to make the leather couch fixing a DIY for you with our complete guide on how to fix a ripped leather couch.

Before moving on to the process, let’s know about the tools you will need to fix a ripped couch.

Leather Repair Kit

When it is time to repair the leather, you do not need to look for an industrial sewing machine as you can do it at home. All you need is a complete leather repair kit. Let’s look at the items that you should have in the kit you choose.


There are multiple color options in a leather repair kit. Make sure the one you chose has the dye color of the leather you want to mend. If it is not an exact match, it should look somewhat alike. You can choose between single color or multiple color dye for the leather repair kits as per your requirement.


There are patches like canvas cloth that you can put under the torn leather to provide a firm base.


While you fix leather, you need adhesives that join together the layers you add. You can find suitable adhesives in the kit.


When there is a large hole in the leather, you need extra filling to fill it up. So the filling also comes in the kit.


You need a lubricant that enhances the elasticity and flexibility of leather. So you will also find oil in a complete leather repair kit.

Specialized Kits

You can have a general-purpose repair kit that includes all the necessary items. In contrast, you can also look for a kit that you can use to solve the leather problem of a specific leather item, i.e., peeling leather sofa repair kit, kits for shoes, couch, bags, clothes, accessories, etc. Also, there are kits to repair different types of leather, i.e., PU leather, faux leather, Italian leather, vinyl, etc.

Other Accessories

Some accessories must be in every leather repair kit. These items help you out in the process. These include cleaning cloths, wipes, grain paper, sponges, mixing tools, brushes, bowls, etc.


If there is not any instructional paper in the kit, our guide will be enough for you. However, you should choose a leather repair kit with a user manual that can guide you on how to use the items in the kit. Also, an instructional video will be a plus.

How to Fix a Tear in Leather Couch

Here we will guide you about how you can repair leather couches. We will make sure to keep no stone unturned so that your leather couch looks like a new one as you never repaired it.

When there is a tear in your leather couch, it can get bigger if you don’t take care of it on time. However, there is no need to sew leather by hand. At first, the tear will be small, so make sure you choose the right way to fix it. Take a sharp scissor to trim and make the edges of the tear smooth.

Now insert a small piece of canvas cloth under the area of the tear. Make sure the tear doesn’t enlarge during the process, so use a small tweezer for that purpose. When the canvas cloth is finely in place, now apply glue on the inner side of the leather, along both sides of the tear. It will work as leather repair gel. You can use a spatula to do so.

Now there is a layer of glue between the canvas cloth and the leather. Press down the leather so that both the canvas, leather, and glue stick together. Leave it for some time so that the glue dries.

The canvas and glue together will provide a strong base to the leather, which will last longer now. However, you need to make the outside look fine as there was no tear. For that purpose, apply heavy filler between the space of the tear so that it levels with the leather.

Make sure to apply thin layers of the filler so that it blends with the leather. While you apply a layer, leave it till it dries. You can use your hairdryer to fasten the drying process. Repeat applying filler and drying it until the gap is 3/4 filled.

While you apply the final layer of the filler, make it smooth with the palette knife. Make sure it blends completely. Now when all the layers of the filler, including the final one, are dried, you can apply the color. Take a sponge and apply colorant to it in a small amount. Now apply the color and blend it with the surroundings of the tear. You need to apply thin layers of colorant each time after one layer dries. Repeat the process until the surface blends completely.

The last step is to apply the finish. You can apply it through the sponge too. Again, do it in multiple layers after each layer dries completely. At least do 8-10 layers of finish. After that, your leather couch will look like there was never a tear. Remember, take care of the repaired area while doing leather couch cleaning.

How to Fix a Large Hole in a Leather Couch

When there is a large hole in your leather couch, it can be because your dog chewed leather couch. However, there is no need to take out your hand sewing machine. First, make the edges smooth so that you can take out the foam that became visible. Now apply the leather filler to the inner side of the hole and leave it to dry. You can use a hairdryer to speed up the process. After the first layer is dried, apply another layer of filler around the edges so that the stickiness of that area increases. It works as a leather repair cream.

On that sticking, apply a sub-patch over the hole and press so that it sticks properly. Make sure its color is the same as leather color. Now leave it to let dry. It may take an hour. Now dip in the corner of a piece of cloth in the leather protector. Apply it on the sub-patch and let it dry. It may take an hour or more.

Now take another piece of cloth and dip it in the leather color that works as a leather couch conditioner. Slowly apply it over the sub-patch and surrounding areas so that the leather couch looks even in color and there are no patches on leather. Now leave it to dry and take care for leather couch, making sure no one sits on it for some time so that everything fixes well and the couch repair lasts longer. You will see that it is the best method to cure leather couch scratches.

Here we will guide you to repair daily use leather items, i.e., car seats, handbags, jackets, shoes, etc.

How to Fix a Tear in Leather Car Seats

Now you have read how to repair a small leather tear and a hole in your couch. The process to mend the car seat almost goes the same as the couch peeling. There is no need to invest in the leather machine for beginners as you can do it with the leather repair kit.

Take denim or canvas cloth and cut it as per the size of the cut in the seat, a bit bigger than that. Now put it under the torn area and apply the glue in thin layers for bonded leather peeling. Press the seat with your finger so that the canvas/denim and car seat leather fixes well. Let it dry. Apply the color and the finish on the upper side of the car seat so that the damage doesn’t remain visible. All done.

How to Repair Leather Bag

Mostly, the damage your leather bags get is the crack or scratch. You can repair it without needing a sewing machine for leather bags at home. First, make sure to clean the bag with a leather conditioner so that no dirt remains and the repair goes smooth.

Now take a toothpick and apply a small amount of leather glue onto it. Bend the cracked part of the bag so it gets visible, and apply the glue onto the inside surface of the crack. Before the glue dries, straighten the surface of the leather and press the cracked edges together so that the glue fixes in properly.

Take a damp cloth to remove any extra glue outside the crack. Let the glue dry now and apply leather conditioner onto it so that there are no remains of the repair on the bag now.

How to Repair Leather Shoes

Cut the edges of the damaged area of your leather shoes or make it smooth by rubbing with sandpaper. Now take out the repair cream from your leather shoes repair kit and apply it over the infected area with your finger. Rub it over until it gets smooth on the surface. After it dries, polish your shoes so that the repaired area becomes more smooth and protected. You are ready to go out wearing them now.

How to Repair Leather Jacket

Before mending your leather jacket, make sure the surface is flat, and the torn edges are in their original location. If not, the repair will make the jacket wavy, which looks unpleasant. Now put cellophane tape so that it remains flat and doesn’t move. Turn it inside out.

Now take a piece of fabric that goes well with your leather jacket. Apply a thin layer of glue on the fabric and place it over the torn area. Press them together so they fix well, and let it dry for a few hours. Now turn it inside out again and remove the cellophane tape. Put some fabric glue and press the fabric so that it gets into place.

Clean any excess glue and let it dry. After that, stick the lining back again, and your jacket is fixed now.


Can a torn leather couch be repaired?

Yes, you can repair a torn leather couch using the leather repair kit, whether it is a small tear or a large hole in your leather couch. You can read the complete procedure above.

How much does it cost to repair a tear in a leather couch?

All you need to repair a tear in a leather couch is a leather repair kit. It will cost you around 10-50 dollars, depending on the quality and accessories the kit includes.

How to fix a leather couch that my dog chewed?

If your dog has chewed your leather couch and there is a big hole, you can fix it by inserting some fillings and adding a leather patch over it. Apply some dye coatings so that it blends with the couch and looks fine, not odd.

Bottom Line

Now you know how to repair leather, whether it is a leather couch, a jacket, shoes, or a handbag. We have discussed all the DIY leather repair methods for your ease that you can do without investing in the best leather machine. So try them out, and don’t forget to tell us how these methods worked for you.

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